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The murder blamed a note signed to “win the lottery” in his own blood of the deal with the devil, the trial said. | British News

A teenager accused of killing two strangers in a deal with the devil is alleged to have left a signed note of his own blood on a bargain he believes he went to win the lottery.

Daniel Hussein, 19, stabbed sisters Bever Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, at Fryent Country Park in Wembley, northwest London, on June 6, last year. I have been accused of being guilty.

Old Bailey was found three lottery tickets next to a blood-signed note after being arrested at his mother’s house in Elsam, southeast London, early July 1.

PC Lindsay Burnett, a Metropolitan Police investigator, found a note on a green card on the shelf under the TV in Hussein’s bedroom.

Close-up of the signature of the alleged agreement

Under the heading “Agreement”, it begins with the underlined words “For the mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale” and “At least 6 times every 6 months as long as I am free and physically capable. I will make a sacrifice. “

He added, “Sacrifice only women, build a temple for you, and do everything I promised.”

Below that, it was underlined again, with the words “for me” and “winning the Mega Millions Super Jackpot.”

In addition, “In order to receive a fruitful reward in return for the future sacrifice I make to you, the reward consists of wealth and power, never suspected of being a crime by the police, and the police never know the crime. Probably. ” I’ve done it and I’m going to do it. “

Below that was the word “I”, which was signed with blood as “Danial”. Below that was the name “King Lucifuge Rofocale” and there was space for signatures.

PC Barnett took a photo of the note on his cell phone and sent it to a colleague, Oliver Glasgow QC told the court.

Around it was a series of orange cards with symbols drawn with a black pen.

Lottery found in Danyal Hussein's room
Three lottery tickets were found next to the memo.

Camelot investigator Spiros Constantis said Hussein was at Asda on the Bugsby Way in Charlton on June 29th, between 9:38 pm and 9:39 pm, with the lottery, thunderball and euromillions He told the court that he had bought one lottery ticket.

Hussein told police that he had injured his hand in a robbery after being arrested three weeks after the double murder.

Police first visited Hussein’s father’s house in Kingsbury, northern London. Not far from the murder scene at Flyent Country Park, we arrived at midnight.

When he was told he was at another address, they drove to Elsam’s mother’s house under blue light and arrived at 12:55 am.

“I immediately recognized the man who answered the door as Daniel Hussein,” PC William Lucas said in court.

His colleague trained Taser’s red dot in Hussein, and PC Lucas handcuffed him out of the house with his hand on his head.

“He told him he was arrested on suspicion of murder because he had something to do with the two murders at Flyent Park and dated June 6, 2020,” an officer told Old Bailey. ..

Hussein replied: “Yes, it’s near my grandma’s address.”

The bodies of sisters Biver Henry (46) (left) and Nicole Smallman (27) were found in Wembley's Fryent Country Park.
The bodies of sisters Bibaa Henry (L) and Nicole Smallman were found in Fryent Country Park, Wembley.

Police officers said Hussein noticed that he had several cuts and three sets of stitches in his right hand. Two are around the palm and the other is near the top of the middle finger, which is about 2 cm long.

“I noticed that he looked very calm.”

Hussein was then taken to the Onesworth Custody Center, where he was booked to wear a black Nike top and gray shorts.

When asked if Hussein was injured, he brought his handcuffed hand to the side and replied, “Yeah, yeah.” Then he asked if it was an interview.

The detention officer replied, “The question is, what happened to the finger injury there?” Hussein said to him: “I was robbed.”

The detention officer asked, “How are you feeling now?”

“I’m really confused and scared,” Hussein replied.

He was asked if he took alcohol or drugs that day, and if he was addicted to alcohol or drugs, and answered no.

When asked, “Is there anything else wrong?” Hussein replied, “I have autism. I have Asperger’s syndrome.”

Hussein of Guy Burnett Grove in Blackheath, southeast London, denied double murder and possession of a knife.

The trial will continue.

The murder blamed a note signed to “win the lottery” in his own blood of the deal with the devil, the trial said. | British News

SourceThe murder blamed a note signed to “win the lottery” in his own blood of the deal with the devil, the trial said. | British News

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