The mother of a victim driving a drink blows up Katie Price after a “spoiled princess” escapes prison in a BMW accident

The mothers of two drunk driving victims blew up Katie Price after she escaped prison for turning her car over in a horror accident.

The women whose relatives were killed by the drink driver Reality star suspended sentence As “disgusting” and “ridiculous of British justice”.

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Katie Price arrives at Magistrates’ Court of Crawley and holds her phoneCredit: PA
She overturned BMW in the September crash

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She overturned BMW in the September crashCredit: Mega Agency

Kirsty Martell, whose 21-year-old brother Frank was murdered in 2017, said, “This is a disgusting ruling. A slap on the wrist ran away the price.

“This is just another example of drunk driving not being taken seriously until someone is killed.”

The 35-year-old woman added: “The person who drives the drink is a time bomb that can cause tragedy.

“Therefore, there must be much more severe penalties for drink drivers to act as a harsh deterrent to help our family avoid the tragedy they have experienced.”

Ceinwen Briddon, whose fashion student’s daughter died when Fiat Punto was attacked by a driver who exceeded the limits in March 2014, has a 16-week suspended sentence, 100 hours of social service, and 20 rehabilitation sessions at Price. I agreed that it was inadequate.

“That’s really incredible,” she said.

“The fact was that if she had already been banned and then did it again, it would have been an automatic imprisonment.

“It ridicules the entire judicial system of the country. It is unbelievable that she overcame this when she was banned.

“She thinks she’s out of the law just because she has money.

“I was lucky that she didn’t kill anyone, so this really crosses me.

“My daughter was killed by a drink driver, and I know that a car is a powerful weapon.”

A 51-year-old woman said, “I’m really sick. It’s a very generous sentence. If she’s done this before, she’s obviously not learning her lessons.

“Two years later she can go back to the back of the car and kill your daughter, your mother, anyone, anyone.”

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Former glamor model Price, 43, appeared in court today in a September accident that overthrew BMW in Horsham, West Sussex.

TV personality She said, “I was lonely, so I went to see my friends.“When a smash happens.

She was already banned from driving when she grabbed the steering wheel after taking cocaine, lowering vodka and lemonade.

She was warned that she could face a prison when she was found guilty of one count of drunk driving in the Magistrates’ Court of Crawley.

The former glamor model also allowed disqualified uninsured driving and one-time driving at a hearing in September.

However, she was instead ordered to have a suspended sentence of 16 weeks in prison, 100 hours of community service, and 20 rehab sessions.

Her ban has also been extended for two years and she will have to pay £ 213 in addition to the £ 7,358 already owed to the court.

Judge blasted previous glamor model:

  • “You deserve to spend Christmas behind the bar.”
  • “You have one of the worst driving records I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Your actions that night were incredibly selfish.”
  • “You may have killed someone’s child, partner, parent, or friend.”
  • “You seem to think it’s beyond the law.”

Sentence, district judge Amanda Kelly said:

“You may have killed someone. Your actions meant that the paramedics had to run out of their precious time.

“You deliberately and deliberately ignored the court order, but it wasn’t the first time.

“You seem to think you are beyond the law.”

The judge also said Price, who had been convicted of driving six times in the past, had “one of the worst driving records I’ve ever seen.”

“Today, the public may be scared to know that I can’t send you to jail … you deserve to spend Christmas behind the bar.”

The price was previously ordered Get medical treatment at the monastery And he was slapped with an additional driving ban.

The five mothers flew to Las Vegas with their fiancé Karl, 32, shortly after leaving the £ 2,000 weekly treatment center.

Courts were told that Price was left “trapped” in her BMW before witnesses helped her and waited for paramedics to arrive.

After confronting the police at the scene, Price heard, “I took medicine, don’t drive, I admit everything.”

Previous driving beliefs

KATIE Price has been banned six times in the last decade after a series of violations.

October 2003: Escape technical speed violations.

June 2008: Given three points for speaking on mobile.

July 2010: 4 points to speed up at 99mph.

September: Three points to deviate from the lane with a 7½ ton pink horse box.

December: A six-month ban after three points to run 83mph in the 70mph zone brings her total to 13.

August 2012: 12 months ban after failing to respond to two speed tickets.

February 2018: Banned for 6 months because it did not provide details of the person driving the speeding car.

July: Police quized for holding the steering wheel while still banned. She says she thought the ban was over.

September: Crash the £ 63,000 Ranger Rover while using a mobile phone.

October: Held on suspicion of drunk driving. I spent the night in my cell.

December: I was charged with a drink drive allegation.

January 2019: 3 months ban on prohibited driving.

February: Three more months after the next driving conviction.

Autumn: This time, the sixth ban was announced for two years. Shortened to 18 months by appeal.

March 2021: Driving a Boyfriend’s Range Rover. The admin error meant that no additional 6 months were added to add the rule. Question from the police.

September: Arrested after turning over a car

Prosecutor Debbie Jones said the drug wipes gave a positive reading about cocaine, but the court dropped allegations of driving ineligible through the drug.

She was also found to have an alcohol level of 66 mg when drinking. The legal limit is 35 mg.

She didn’t comment when she was taken to the police station, but she claimed she was “lonely” and wanted to visit a friend nearby.

Barrister Joe Harrington said Price is “a woman with so many things happening” and mentions not only the court issues regarding bankruptcy, but also her five children. rice field.

He added that it was a “one-off incident” and she overcorrected her driving and it crashed her.

Judge Kelly explains why she escaped prison today, saying: Christmas behind the bar. “

“Absolutely Gobs Mac”

However, in addition to criticism from parents of drunk driving victims, the campaign against drunk driving (CADD) has accused Price of the suspended sentence as “incredible.”

John Scrabby, a 61-year-old retired traffic police officer, said:

“I’m convinced that only Price’s celebrity status saved her.

“I want you to talk to the bereaved family left behind by drunk driving and say I’m sorry.

“It’s time for her to stop acting as a spoiled little princess and grow up a little.”

Joseph Tame, the car driver who attacked Kirsty’s brother Frank, was imprisoned for six years, exceeding the drink limit 2.5 times, and then driving for eight years while Price was thrown behind the bar and fled. It was banned.

Gareth Entwistle, the driver who killed Sainwen’s daughter Miriam Bridon, was caged for five and a half years, but was shortened for the next six months.

Price walked freely as soon as the driver was imprisoned after he was arrested while driving more than three times the legal limit.

Andrius Bartoninkas, 33, from Haverhill, Suffolk, was caged for 20 weeks, allowed to drive in excess alcohol, and then given a five-year ban.

He was found to have police officers driving irregularly and almost colliding with parked cars.

Ipswich’s Justice of the Peace heard that it was his third drunk driving conviction.

InspGary Miller of the Roads and Armed Policing Team said: , It is a serious risk to life.

“The court had no choice but to send him to jail.”

Over the last decade, Price has been banned from driving a total of six times.

Katie dropped the phone when she arrived in court

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Katie dropped the phone when she arrived in courtCredit: Rex
She was drawn bent over to pick it up from the ground

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She was drawn bent over to pick it up from the groundCredit: PA
She wore a bright blue blowfish jacket

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She wore a bright blue blowfish jacketCredit: Goff
KAtie seems to have a lot of Instagram likes

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KAtie seems to have a lot of Instagram likesCredit: PA
Stars were supported by Carl Woods

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Stars were supported by Carl WoodsCredit: Goff
Katie pleaded guilty in September

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Katie pleaded guilty in September
She went to the monastery before taking off to Las Vegas with Carl Woods

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She went to the monastery before taking off to Las Vegas with Carl WoodsCredit: Instagram
Reality Star rolled BMW around 6:30 am

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Reality Star rolled BMW around 6:30 amCredit: Dan Charity
Debris from the crash was scattered on the side of the road

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Debris from the crash was scattered on the side of the road
Katie Price reveals that avoiding prison will lead to Christmas in a haunted McKee Mansion.

The mother of a victim driving a drink blows up Katie Price after a “spoiled princess” escapes prison in a BMW accident

Source link The mother of a victim driving a drink blows up Katie Price after a “spoiled princess” escapes prison in a BMW accident

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