The Most Important Office Equipment of 2022: Sneeze Guard Shields

In 2022, we’re all hoping the pandemic becomes endemic. It’s the only way businesses can resume normal operations. Many companies want to ask their employees to return to their respective offices. But, a recent Gartner survey revealed that 44% of companies are postponing their plans to ask workers to return.

These companies want to prepare their offices to make them safer and more protected from transmission risks. They’re achieving this goal by installing sneeze guard shields made of reusable materials like acrylic and vinyl. Numerous companies across the country have stockpiled these guards.

Sneeze guards or barriers are protective equipment (PE) that help convert indoor spaces to transmission-free zones. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends using these barriers as layers of protection inside small workspaces. That’s why these shields are being touted as the most important office equipment of 2022.

Institutions Using Acrylic Sneeze Barriers in 2022

From private offices to public educational institutions – all types of organizations are using sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic. These guards help them stay open while maintaining strict social distancing rules.

Here are some industries where sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic are being used to reduce transmission risks –

Food Industry

From processing units to restaurants – sneeze barriers have always been used in food businesses. In the past, restaurants and bars would use glass barriers to protect food items from getting contaminated. Now, these establishments are using sneeze barriers made of vinyl and acrylic because of cost-related issues.

To stay open, restaurants have to continuously upgrade their safety programs. That means installing multiple sneeze barriers across all tables, counters, etc. Sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic are relatively expensive. Food companies can order large sets of these barriers and use them periodically. Sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic are also non-porous and water-resistant.

They can be easily disinfected. The Environmental Health & Safety Department advises food business owners to clean these barriers at the end of each workday. Use mild soap and water to clean all germs from the barriers. Sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic can also resist cleaning agents like bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Use those items for disinfecting the sneeze barriers every day. By doing so, food business owners can significantly reduce transmission risks and make their customers and employees feel safer.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels and resorts have been advised to set up sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic at every counter. Employees at hotels, resorts, grocery stores, spas, and salons should interact with customers while standing behind these barriers. By doing so, they can block the transmission of respiratory droplets.

Acrylic and vinyl barriers are also transparent, so workers can freely communicate with guests through these barriers. Unlike glass or polycarbonate barriers, sneeze barriers made of vinyl or acrylic bond well with adhesives. Hence, they can be modified to be installed in different places like counters, lobbies, etc.

Office Settings

Lastly and most importantly, installing acrylic barriers in workspaces makes employees safer and more welcome. Transparent, easy-to-clean sneeze barriers are effective in converting office spaces into transmission-free zones. These are the reasons why acrylic and vinyl sneeze barriers are the number one office equipment of 2022.


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