The most expensive homes in the world, from the weird Teletubbies-style “bubble” palace to high-tech condominiums

Here you will find the world’s most expensive private homes, which weigh over £ 1 billion.

The mix has a French bubble house and a 27-story skyscraper, which UK real estate is scooping out the most expensive ones?

Les Palais Bulles – £ 290m


‘Bubble Palace is currently owned by designer Pierre CardinCredit: Corbis

Le Palais, a coined word for “Bubble Palace” in Cannes, France, was designed by Hungarian architect Antilovag and built somewhere between 1975 and 1989.

Its nickname comes from a series of round rooms overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Lovags’ inspiration for property design came from the earliest human dwellings. However, this dwelling has been seriously upgraded with the comfort of some truly amazing creatures.

For example, this property has three swimming pools, numerous gardens, and a 500-seat amphitheater built on a hillside.

Bubble Palace is now owned by Italian-born French fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The property is primarily used as Pierre’s villa and is also a great venue for parties and events, such as when Dior unveiled his cruise collection at indoor / outdoor fashion shows.

Odeon Tower-£ 245m


Tour Odeon was designed by architect Alexander Girardi and developed by the group Masochist.

Worth an estimated $ 330 million, the Odeon Tower Penthouse is just around the corner with the world’s most expensive homes.

With such money, you can get a 35,000-square-foot apartment at the top of one of Monaco’s most expensive buildings.

Tour Odeon was designed by architect Alexandre Giraldi and developed by Groupe Mazococo.

The penthouse spans multiple floors and has a private elevator.

If that’s not enough, try slipping your private water into a 360-degree view infinity pool.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and cash, this is one of the most impressive homes we’ve ever seen, so snap back to the market next time.

Villa Resedre – £ 335m


The Resador was first built in 1830 and purchased in 1904 by Leopold II of Belgium.

The property, located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, is estimated at $ 450 million.

First built in 1830 and purchased in 1904 by Leopold II of Belgium.

Previously, it was considered the most expensive home on the market in 2017. But since then, it has been overtaken by the following three properties in the list:

The site is located in a garden of about 35 acres, and its name comes from the many cedar trees on the site.

The house itself is approximately 18,000 square feet and consists of 14 bedrooms. It also has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a large stable large enough to accommodate 30 horses.

Inside is a wooden panel library with crystal chandeliers, golden woodwork, 19th-century oil paintings and 3,000 books.

“The One”-£ 372m


One is currently America’s Most Expensive Home-Asking Price of $ 500 MillionCredits: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

Nicknamed “The One,” the LA Superpad spans more than 100,000 square feet and features 21 bedrooms, four pools, a bowling alley, and a 360-degree view of Southern California from Bel Air’s prime location.

Other features include a beauty salon, a 45-seat IMAX cinema, and a garage for 30 cars.

Except for the moat and indoor spa, there is also a running track and at least 4 swimming pools.

It’s a very chic area where neighbors are said to include Friends Star Jennifer Aniston and Tesla’s Boss Elon Musk.

But the property, which was initially stunningly worth £ 372 million, is now Buy at a discounted price After the owner encounters financial problems.

As reported by CNBCThe property is buried under $ 165 million in heavy debt and loans.

Antira- £ 744m


Amazing Antila is 27 stories highCredit: Alamy

Antira, one of the most expensive homes in the world in Mumbai, India, costs a whopping $ 1 billion.

Designed and built by Chicago-based architectural firm Perkins & Will and hospitality design firm Hirsch Bender Associates.

The property was built for Mukesh Ambani, India’s wealthiest man, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company.

The 400,000-square-foot building is located on adjacent Mumbai’s Kambara Hill and stands at an impressive 27-story height.

It is also built to withstand a magnitude 8 magnitude earthquake.

The house has 6 floors purely for car storage, a car service station, a temple, a 50-seat cinema and 9 elevators.

There is also a health spa, 3 heliports, a salon, a ballroom and yoga studio, an ice cream room and multiple cinemas.

Buckingham Palace-£ -160 million


Buckingham Palace is potentially the most expensive home in the world

Not surprisingly, Buckingham Palace is also of considerable value and probably tops the list of the most expensive homes in the world.

The palace is owned by the royal family and is one of many luxury properties in the portfolio.

Located in the City of Westminster, London, it consists of 775 guest rooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices and 19 private rooms. It has been a monarchical official residence since 1873.

In terms of size, the palace checks in at approximately 828,000 square feet and the garden alone is 40 acres.

But despite its impressive size and title of the most expensive house in the world, it is not yet the largest palace in the world.

If the palace were to be put up for sale, it would be somewhere in the $ 2.9 billion territory, but it’s very unlikely that it would happen.

The most expensive homes in the world, from the weird Teletubbies-style “bubble” palace to high-tech condominiums

Source link The most expensive homes in the world, from the weird Teletubbies-style “bubble” palace to high-tech condominiums

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