The moment Russian military wives face off against generals after the ‘massacre’ as Putin’s ‘leader’ calls for assassination

The wives of mobilized Russian soldiers caught up in the massacre in Ukraine have staged an unusual protest to their commanders as President Putin’s aggression wanes.

The stunning video captures the moment when up to 70 military spouses accuse the Secretary of War for abandoning his men.


This is the amazing moment Russian wives stand up to Putin’s commanderCredit: East2west News
Woman's husband caught in massacre in Luhansk


Woman’s husband caught in massacre in LuhanskCredit: East2west News


Putin’s ‘guru’ Alexander Dugin called for Vlad’s ‘assassination’Credit: Reuters

The women walked about 140 miles from there. Russia From Belgorod to Starobirsk in Luhansk Ukrainian Territories under Russian occupation since September to find a husband.

In a moving scene, the group, from the Kursk region of western Russia, blamed Putin’s commanders for the “massacre” and said the generals prevented their men from leaving the battlefield.

Only “about 30” men reportedly survived out of a battalion of about 200 men.

Up to 500 people are believed to have died in a single battle in the industrial town of Makyovka, just east of Donetsk.

The women accused a commander, Samvel Yurievich, of “tiing the hands and feet of soldiers, putting weapons on their heads, making them go into battle and calling them cowards.”

They also claim the men were set on fire by their own artillery.

Some of the soldiers remain trapped in the Ukrainian kill zone, hiding in an abandoned house in the town of Gorbovka.

Russian news channel TV Rain said the group’s battalion commander “forced those who had returned from the shelling to return to combat.”

Anna’s wife, one of the men, told the channel that the man was “hidden under the corpse.” [of comrades] Don’t be found. ”

In the clip, a woman can be heard telling an officer, “We won’t leave them behind. We don’t trust you anymore.”

As the surviving soldiers reunite with their wives, they hear a desperate officer telling them: [you] Go to a meeting place where you can talk.

“You guys are military. You have to understand that, understand that.”

However, the woman counters that she will not leave the man.

“We’ve already sent it out once,” says one. “Send them out and see how many are back. See how many are left.”

We will not leave them behind.we don’t trust you anymore

russian soldier wife

It comes when the Kremlin is reeling. Humiliating withdrawal of Russian troops from Khersonthe only significant Ukrainian city occupied by Putintroops since the war began in February.

After a crushing defeat, the Russian army was forced to retreat across the Dnipro River.

The loss of such a vital city less than two months after being annexed by Russia has reportedly fueled calls for the overthrow of President Putin.


Putin reportedly faces anxiety after string of setbacks in Ukrainecredit:


It follows Russia’s humiliating withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of KhersonCredit: AFP


Ukrainians celebrated the liberation of the cityCredit: A.P.

Alexander DuginA mysterious far-right nationalist dubbed “Putin’s guru” has publicly called for the 70-year-old Mr Putin to be killed.

daughter Dugin Daria Dugina died in a car bomb In August, it made headlines on messaging site Telegram.

In the post, he mentioned Sir James George Fraser’s book The Golden Bough.

The book contains a scene in which the ‘Holy King’ is sacrificed by having his stomach ripped out due to the lack of rain during the drought.

In a post that has since been deleted, he ranted: “Kherson has surrendered… if you don’t mind, you are not Russian”.

He goes on to warn that “the authorities. They are responsible” and that those in power must “save” Russia or face the fate of “the Rain King” (read Fraser). is doing.

Dugin adds:

attack from one of the most ardent supporters of war in ukrainecould be a sign of a shift in the balance of power in Moscow.

On Saturday, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Moscow’s “strategic failure” at Kherson would make the Russian public question the point of the war.

“Russia’s announcement of its withdrawal from Kherson marks another strategic failure for them,” he said. “In February, Russia failed to achieve any of its main objectives apart from Kherson.

“Now that it has also surrendered, ordinary people in Russia must surely ask themselves: ‘What was it for?'”

However, one should be careful during Kherson’s jubilant scene.

Increased fear of escape Russian military deliberately destroys dam Near the city to bring more senseless misery to the Ukrainian people.

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