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The Ministry of Defense announces further crackdowns on unacceptable behavior in the armed forces

Two more policies and a new strategy were announced today as part of Defense’s commitment to tackling unacceptable sexual behavior in our Armed Forces.

The new procedures will build on measures already in place by the Ministry of Defense to tackle inappropriate sexual behavior in the UK Armed Forces and improve the experience for all, particularly women in the armed forces. Along with that, the policy and the new strategy were created Zero tolerance policy. Exemption for sex crimes and sex teacher-trainee relationships which was announced earlier this year as part of a large-scale work program being carried out across Defence

Defense Minister Leo Docherty said:

Abusive, discriminatory or predatory behavior has no place in our Armed Forces, and these measures send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

As a forward-thinking and modern employer, the Armed Forces is a place where our service personnel can thrive and we will continue to expect the highest values ​​and standards from each and every one of them.

Key details of the publications include:

Zero tolerance policy for sexual exploitation and abuse. Sexual exploitation and abuse involves sexual activity where there is a power imbalance. This policy upholds Defense’s commitment to crack down on unacceptable sexual behavior and prohibits all sexual activity that involves an abuse of power, including procuring sex overseas. The policy will ensure that every allegation is answered, regardless of where the allegation occurs, and sets out a presumption of release for anyone found engaging in targeted behaviour, including having sex while deployed outside the UK.

Combating sexual crime in defense strategy. this strategy prioritizes victims and aims to reduce the prevalence and impact of sexual offenses in the armed forces. This will be done through the use of preventive measures such as awareness raising, training and a better understanding of the most common types of offenders. Survivors who do not feel they will be believed will be encouraged and encouraged to come forward and seek support, and the adoption of recommendations from reviews within the Service’s justice system will encourage increased reporting, engagement and successful prosecutions.

Zero tolerance for unacceptable sexual behavior policy. a victim/survivor-centered approach; this applies to all UK Armed Forces personnel and follows the recently published ‘Zero Tolerance for Sexual Offenses and Sexual Relationships between Trainers and Learners’ policy, which set out a mandatory exemption for anyone. sex crime This new policy places greater emphasis on victim support with the presumption of discharge from the armed forces for anyone who engages in sexually objectionable behaviour. This policy builds confidence and trust in Safeguarding’s ability to deal with unacceptable behavior and demonstrates that supporting people who are victims of unacceptable sexual behavior is a priority.

These new measures represent significant progress against the Rt. Honorable Sarah Atherton MP in her report “Protecting those who protect us. from the recruitment of women in the armed forces to civilian life”..

Along with these new publications, an extensive program of works has been carried out in the Defense area as part of the project Government response At the request of Sarah Atherton. This includes training developments around the concept of consent, a redesign of the Service’s complaints system, the establishment of a Defense Serious Crime Unit headquarters, improvements to uniforms and equipment for women, and a sprint to improve the health of serving women, which will ensure our Armed Forces strive to be a truly inclusive employer. against

The Ministry of Defense announces further crackdowns on unacceptable behavior in the armed forces

SourceThe Ministry of Defense announces further crackdowns on unacceptable behavior in the armed forces

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