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The minister suggests that the SNP could make an energy deal with Russia after independence


The Minister suggested SNP: In the event of independence, the energy sector may “have some idea of ​​a future deal with Vladimir Putin,” as the government has resisted calls for a referendum.

Minister of Business Greg Hands made such a statement when the House of Commons responded to Nicola Sturgeon’s intention to hold a second referendum on Scotland in the United Kingdom on October 19, 2023.

Speaking on the issue of the Prime Minister, the head of SNP Westminster Ian Blackford told the deputies that the Conservatives “have no right to block. Scottish: democracy”:

To enter Boris Johnsonwho was absent from the NATO summit, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab “This is not the right time.”

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford (House of Commons / PA) / PA wire

During a ministerial meeting on Scottish Affairs, Business Minister Greg Hands focused on the SNP’s energy policy.

He said. “They are anti-nuclear, they are against oil and gas. It is difficult to see where they think they will get their energy from if they become independent.

“Maybe they have some idea about a future deal with Vladimir Putin.”

Responding to a question about the seizure and storage of carbon from Labor MP Fleur Anderson (Patney), he said that issues such as the environment and tackling the rising cost of living were “the last place for greater constitutional division.”

Labor Secretary Ian Murray has warned that Boris Johnson is “a gift to the SNP” and that the union was “in danger”.

Ian Murray (PA) / PV archive

He also targeted the SNP, saying: “Yesterday was nothing but an experiment First Minister deviate from his terrible record in government և hinder the prospect of a future Labor government that will replace his (Mr. Johnson) government. That is what he is most afraid of. ”

Elsewhere in the debate, Scottish Minister Yane Stewart said the SNP’s plan for a second Scottish independence vote was “unnecessary and undesirable”.

In the PMQ, Mr Blackford said Scotland’s first minister had “set a date and launched a campaign” for Scottish independence.

He added. “Scotland has already paid the price for not being independent.

“We did not vote for Westminster governments to impose policies we do not support, they are violating international law, they are dragging Scotland through a harmful Brexit that we did not vote for, ensuring deep cuts in savings.”

Mr. Blackford said that European countries are relatively more successful, adding: “Why not Scotland? In the coming weeks and months, we will present the positive work of independence. Will the opposition, if it can, fight for the continuation of Westminster rule? ”

Mr. Raab answered. “This is not the right time for a referendum, given the challenges we face as one United Kingdom. I think he addressed some of Scotland’s challenges. “The people of Scotland want their two governments to work together. We want to, and we are willing to do it.”

Blackford countered. “The harsh reality is that the Tories may be afraid of a democratic debate, but they have no right to block Scottish democracy.”

He added. “Just last year (Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross) said in his own words:

“Well, you do not often hear me say that, but I agree with him, and so do the Scots. Scottish democracy will not be a prisoner of any prime minister in this place.

“So why is the UK government afraid of democracy, or is the idea of ​​defending the failed Westminster system simply exhausted?”

Mr. Raab answered. “I think he’s more of a long monologue, but he’s talking about the problems that Scotland is facing, the huge tax burden imposed by the SNP, Scotland’s record in science and math has fallen below Pisa in the Pisa international rankings. “Wales և SNP topped Europe with the worst drug mortality rate since its inception.”

Mr Stewart had earlier told MPs that in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections, constitutional issues were “much lower on the list of people’s priorities”.

The minister suggests that the SNP could make an energy deal with Russia after independence

SourceThe minister suggests that the SNP could make an energy deal with Russia after independence

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