The man slapped President Macron “on the decline of France.”

Tarrel in the upper right was imprisoned for attacking Macron (Photo: Rex / Instagram / Backgrid)

A man was imprisoned for slapping the French president Emmanuel Macron On the face (on the facial expression).

Damian Tarrell, 28, said he impulsively beat a French leader with a “quite violent” slap that caught his left cheek with a bang on Tuesday.

A court in the city of Valence in southeastern France has convicted Tarrell on charges of violence against persons invested in public institutions.

He was sentenced to four months in prison and a 14-month suspended sentence.

Tarrel is also banned from public office and possession of weapons for five years.

In his trial today, he described himself as a right-wing or far-right “patriot” and a member of the Yellow Vest Economic Protests that rocked Macron’s presidency in 2018 and 2019.

Slapped by a man in the crowd when President Macron visited southeastern France

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When he greeted the crowd on his visit to the Drome area, he was heard screaming for centuries-old royal warfare before attacking politicians.

During the trial, Tarrell said the attack was impulsive and unplanned, triggered by anger at France’s “decline.”

He said:’When I saw his friendly and liar look, I felt disgusted, and I reacted violently.

“It was an impulsive reaction. I was surprised at the violence.”

He firmly defended his actions and views on Mr Macron without providing details on what policies he would like France to change.

He and his friends were thinking of bringing an egg or cream pie to throw at the president, but they abandoned that idea and claimed that slap was not planned in advance, he said. ..

Damian Tarrell was a member of the Yellow Vest Protest (Photo: Instagram)

Tarrel added:

According to the prosecution, he told investigators that he had been convicted of right-wing or super-right-wing politics, even if he was not a member of a political party or group.

Macron did not comment on today’s trial, but claimed that “nothing has justified violence in a democratic society.”

He told broadcaster BFM-TV: “It’s not a big deal to slap when heading to the crowd to greet some people who have been waiting for a long time.

President Macron was slapped during his visit to the Drome area (Photo: Twitter / AlexpLille)
Emmanuel Macron will bid for re-election as President of France in 2022 (Photo: Reuters)

“We must not make that stupid and violent act more important than that.”

However, the president added: “Everyone with public authority has the right to respect, so we must not make it mediocre.”

Macron has joined the world leaders this weekend, leaving him away from domestic adversaries. G7 Summit in Cornwall..

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The man slapped President Macron "on the decline of France."

Source link The man slapped President Macron "on the decline of France."

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