The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, who found new energy and won the Pressure Machine Award for Best Album of the Year

“IT is important to us,” says Brandon Flowers, winner of SFTW’s Album of the Year.

“We like it,” he tells me.


“It’s important to us,” says Brandon Flowers Center, winner of SFTW’s Album of the Year.
By creating a pressure machine, Flowers gave the band new energy to rejuvenate The Killers.


By creating a pressure machine, Flowers gave the band new energy to rejuvenate The Killers.

This stunning seventh studio album arrived in just a year from The Killers synth pop Imploding The Mirage, and was born out of a blockade when the singer looked back on his life growing up in Nephi, Utah.

When Pressure machine When released in August, they continued to give them the 7th No1. A beautiful and intimate record, a more rooted Americana sound from a Las Vegas band, with realistic stories and sound bites from Nephi’s locals between each song adding to the credibility of the record. ..

“The pandemic allowed everyone to spend a lot of time reflecting on it. I couldn’t help it. The album definitely started to bloom from it,” Flowers reveals.

“We didn’t want the chart top success, but we accept it. You still want people to like it and be influenced in a positive way.

“And I still have Bono who wants to appear on the radio, and it will always be there. I had a vision for this record and tried to stay true to it.”

It’s been about 20 years since The Killers-flowers and drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr., as well as returning members guitarist David Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer-was formed, and the new song Crystal Named after a fictional band in the order video.

And Pressure Machine confirmed that Flowers and Vannucci had reunited with Keuning, but Stoermer wasn’t playing on the record.

Flowers, the three fathers, said: This is a kind of revolving door situation and has been very good so far. I was able to adjust the schedule and do what I could.

“When you first join the band, no one binds them and you become a gangster. After that, people have families and start moving to different states, which makes it difficult. I think we make it work in a unique way. “

With powerful storytelling and cinematic soundscapes, Pressure Machine has opened the door to new fans.

Flowers tells me: “This album was a surprise to us and to others.

“We’re still absorbing it and wondering what’s next. We’re really proud of it, and we’ve certainly learned one or two things.

“I admit that I didn’t expect a big smash on this record, and that removes a bit of pressure. We just wanted it to happen and it was definitely released in many ways. rice field.”

Rejuvenation band

Shortly after The Killers have a Christmas show in Chicago, they’ll chat on video Hangouts. That’s why Flowers is already in a cheerful mood before learning that Pressure Machine is this year’s album.

He states: I’m happy to be on stage. And I’ve played a few songs from Pressure Machine.

“I’ve played runaway horses, Cody, quiet towns, sleepwalkers so far, so I’ve played some of them. I think it’s about 5 months to get to the top of the forest, so 2 more by then. , 3 may need to be grasped. “

By creating a pressure machine, Flowers gave the band a new energy that activated The Killers.

By working on this record, we can confidently rekindle and discover it when we return to the studio.

“This record was very fresh and we felt almost like a new band,” he says. “Nephi is this part of my life and I have kept a kind of secret.

“We were always very Vegas, and I was restraining this side of myself. I didn’t talk about the countryside where I grew up, but it’s very interesting.

“By working on this record, we were confident and rekindled us in the way we thought we could find it when we re-entered the studio.”

He also believes that “reconnecting with himself” slows him down, unleashing more personal lyrics and stories about religion, the American opioid crisis, alienation, and dreams of escape. He also mentioned that he wrote about an escape from a small town where he grew up in the past, but it was probably not the obvious way.

“Songs like Read My Mind may have been an early incarnation of this topic,” he says. “The song had a fragment of it. There are always hints.

“And in the past, I was a big band and I was crazy about keeping people in my seat, so I was ignoring myself as an individual. Once I was very powerful. Imploding The Mirage had so much sunshine and so much about overcoming and resilience, which was a pretty big 180 turns. ”

Sensitive and nostalgic about his past, Flowers says he’s working on a deluxe edition of the pressure machine that the band plans to release in the new year.

He states: And I tend to think about my early days. The lyrics ended early, so I took this opportunity to take out the song and completely recreate it. So Getting By has 4 or 5 versions, not only a little different, but a completely different song.

“There are several versions of Runaway Horses and West Hills. I found it interesting to let everyone see the differences between the songs.

“Explore how many of these songs you can complete to get on the deluxe.

“I don’t know if I’ve seen anything like that from my favorite band, but it’s interesting to see how the band interprets their favorite songs differently.”

Brandon is still enthusiastic about making music and has no plans to slow down in the near future.

He explains: “I’m 40 years old. I’ll look at people like Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Springsteen, Don Henley and how they could describe where they were in life. Those who never gave up as they grew older did more than just rest in their glory.

This record was very fresh and felt like a new band

“I can never do it comfortably. I want to keep making good music, and I hope it lights up like from the people we admire before. increase.”

And can he see himself making another solo album?

“Yes, definitely,” he replies. “As long as everyone wants to make a Killers record, that will certainly set a precedent.

“But if you need a year’s break and you feel you don’t need it, you’ll definitely make a record.” But for now, all the focus is on The Killers, after the pandemic has canceled this year’s tour plan. , Flowers says they can’t wait for the tour in 2022 at the first show at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium at the end of May.

“Yes, I’ve been to Doncaster, and I can’t wait to visit again,” Flowers says with a laugh. “We played some big gigs and this will be our biggest gig. It’s a pretty new territory for us.

“On the one hand, it’s exhilarating, and on the other hand, it provokes a bit of anxiety. I’m going to balance it and I’m going to understand it.

“As soon as I book a gig, I think about it. And when I get there and Mike is on my face, I know I can do my own thing. “

The band is on tour and will be heading to the UK next May.


The band is on tour and will be heading to the UK next May.


Pressure machine

Pressure machine released today


Pressure machine released todayCredit: PR distribution

Pressure machine track list

  1. West Hills
  2. Quiet town
  3. rude thing
  4. Cody
  5. Sleepwalker
  6. Runaway Horse (Foot Phoebe Bridgers)
  7. In the car outside
  8. In another life
  9. Despair
  10. Pressure machine
  11. how to get
The Killers lead Brandon Flowers shared a video on Twitter singing the band’s iconic song “Mr. Brightside” and washing their hands.

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, who found new energy and won the Pressure Machine Award for Best Album of the Year

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