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The killer pair left their wounded victim in a box following a £20 line.United Kingdom | News

The killer who subjected a man to a ‘barbaric’ attack of over 20 pounds before locking his victim in a box to death is now facing life behind bars. His two 23-year-olds, Lewis Whelan and Anthony Keating, viciously beat 22-year-old Blaine Hammond. Police say Hammond’s body was left in a padlocked green box because emergency services were not called in time to save his life.

Whelan and Keating trampled, punched, and kicked the victim’s head and neck, inflicting severe head injuries and brain damage.

They leave him in the front room of Whelan’s Sunderland house and later return to find Mr. Hammond at “Death’s Door”.

When Whelan returned, he found the victim crumpled on the ground and asked for help on Facebook.

In a message posted on the platform, he asked a friend to call an ambulance for Mr. Hammond, who was “still breathing.”

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A message filed at Newcastle Criminal Court explains that Whelan “completely smashed him” after “taking my £20”.

He asked: “He is still breathing. Please call an ambulance.”

In a second message he added:

Prosecutors accused Whelan and Keating of not calling an ambulance until Hammond was “dead for several hours.”

Peter Glenther KC told jurors that Whelan “left his address and dragged Blaine Hammond across the road”, leaving him “to meet his untimely death” in a “green shack”. He said he put it down.

He added that Whelan returned eight minutes later but did not call an ambulance until 9:30 am the next morning.

Glenther added that Whelan “showed an utterly callous disregard for his welfare” and “cared more about keeping his distance from Blaine” than “ensuring that help would come”. .

On December 3, 2021, police found Mr. Hammond’s body, stuffed in a box after receiving an anonymous tip, near farmland.

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They launched an “extensive CCTV, door-to-door and forensic investigation” before accusing the two of them of murder.

Whelan and Keating denied killing their victims, but now face life in prison.

A jury found the two guilty by a 11-to-1 verdict, and the judge said the sentence would be “fixed by law.”

“You are found guilty of murder and the sentence for murder is set by law and is life imprisonment,” Judge Morris said after the sentencing.

He added that he would sentence them to prison terms “that will be adjusted at a later date” and that he would determine the minimum length of time they would serve before “considering release on licensure.”

Senior Detective Chief Detective Sharon Chatterton condemned the “shocking and brutal attack” on Mr Hammond.

She said the two left his family “without sons, brothers, nephews, uncles, grandchildren and dear friends.”

Detective Chatterton said, “No outcome will take away the pain of what happened, but I hope that today’s conviction will bring some closure to the family.

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1696738/Sunderland-murder-victim-box-injured-dead-life-sentence The killer pair left their wounded victim in a box following a £20 line.United Kingdom | News

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