The judge makes fun of the big star, so reveals everything you need to know about the masked singer

Masked Singer UK is back. Last time, it was the stupidest show on TV, reaching up to 10 million viewers. Come back with another 12 celebrities in extravagant costumes Sing to the panelists Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross When Mo Gilligan, Those who have to try to unravel their true identity.

We have a live studio audience, so this time it’s a bit lively. “The audience changes everything,” says host Joel Dommett. “The energy of the studio has improved further and it is the best series ever.”

The unveiling of the sausage (Joss Stone) was the highlight of the previous series, and Joss says this time there is another big shock. “I couldn’t believe it, especially one,” he says.

Here’s what the judges have to say about the new series …

Masked singer judge teases what some celebrities reveal

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Davina McCall

Davina McCall is back on the show
Davina McCall is back on the show

Hello Davina! Was it good to be back?

How nice. I think it’s a show that you can really understand. We know what we are looking for, what we want to get, and how we need to get it. It’s really fun.

Why do you think it was such a hit?

Anyone from 3 to 90 years old can sit and enjoy. There is no other show where families can sit down to see something or play with them.

Please tell us about this year’s character.

Difficulty is off the chart. It’s harder than ever. I’m so excited to know that I found it more fun to see someone unmasked when you didn’t know. In the first few times of the series I felt pressure to get it right, but now I realize I don’t see some of the fun.

If you need to create Masked singer What do you make costumes?

My body has no creative bones. I can never think of what they are dreaming about. This year there is something called Robo Bunny, which is extraordinary. That is insane.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross is back in an addictive guessing game
Jonathan Ross is back in an addictive guessing game

Jonathan, are you happy to be back?

Yes. It’s always exciting to see what the costume looks like. It’s also very fun. It was nice to have a crowd and it was nice to see people coming along with the kids having a good time watching the characters being fooled.

Please tell us about this year’s character.

There are many kinds. Donuts delight the largest audience. Made entirely of donuts, it’s the most fun performer to watch.

Are you ready for the new series?

I check who the young stars are and listen to their voices. I warm up a bit for it, but so far it didn’t help me at all!

Is the panel competitive?

We all pretend it doesn’t matter, but the competition is very fierce in some respects. Rita is someone who really wants to win the series. I think she has won the last two and feels she is aiming for a hat-trick.

Are there any noticeable moments to watch out for?

Rockhoppers made a big ballad for their version, and you could see them feeling it was really emotional. The panel and the audience had a real moment because it was a great version of a song that was sung so emotionally.

Mo Gilligan

Mo Gilligan standing with a panda, one of the masked singer contestants
Mo Gilligan standing with a panda, one of the masked singer contestants

Hello, Mo!How is itWill you be back?

it’s good. It doesn’t mix much throughout the year, so I’m happy to be back with the gang.

Is it difficult to guess the singer this year?

Yes. Contestants have seen the show, so they are trying to change their way of speaking and may accent to abandon us. They even change the way they sing now.

What is your way to guess?

Instead of making my dad dance, I enter with a pure white heart and try to listen a little more.

Who on the panel is on fire now?

We are all pretty equal – even Jonathan is in shape. He usually comes up with the stupidest name, and I sometimes wonder if we’re being mischievous by Ant and Deck.

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What was the outstanding performance this season?

There was a donut performance and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Rita Ora

Rita would want to guess correctly
Rita would want to guess correctly

Rita, are you glad you came back?

very. Every time I come back, it feels like “Oh, it’s my family!” I and Davina said they love to work together. It’s a very nice energy.

Which character stands out this time?

I think fireworks are very special, and Robo Bunny is incredible in the various layers they show. It’s interesting that when you get a modest character, it suddenly feels like “bang bang!”. Also, donuts are very laughing.

What would you like to wear when you appear in the show?

Something that is my favorite color, red, and has a lot of hearts throughout. I love cakes, so maybe a red velvet cake.

Who was the performer who surprised you most at this show?

I was shocked by all the series. Talent Talent is just crazy. Last year I was very shocked to hear that Ne-Yo was growing very much. The fact that I didn’t understand it correctly threw me.

Which panelists are tipping to win?

Jonathan is really trying to win this year and is doing a great job. It’s hard to say that, but he is.

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The judge makes fun of the big star, so reveals everything you need to know about the masked singer

Source link The judge makes fun of the big star, so reveals everything you need to know about the masked singer

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