The jarring squeaks upset the skyscraper dwellers who say they live in the “The Conjuring” horror movie

Residents of the TOWER block say they feel like they’re in the “The Conjuring” horror movie because they’re constantly plagued by “creepy” squeaking noises in their apartments.

High-rise residents of the Aurora Building on Melbourne Square and Latrobe Street in Multiplex in Southbank say they hear a “sinister” squeak from behind the walls of the unit.


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Building developers attribute the noise to wind conditions over the past few days, but some residents claim that the unpleasant noise comes from something else and blame them at night. Even say to keep.

In an eerie video shared by one of the residents of Melbourne Square, you’ll hear constant high-pitched whistling from both sides of his unit.

“It was pretty intense,” he said.

“It’s hard to tell from a clip how big it is, but it’s incredibly big.

“The structure itself just sounded like it was bent, and I didn’t hear any of the sounds I expected from natural movements in strong winds.”

“When I was using my PC, I noticed several times that I was trying to take off my headphones and figure out what it was, because it’s a bit ominous,” he added.

One resident describes the constant ringing as a horror movie, while others say it sounds “creepy” like an old rocking chair, and the whole building feels like it’s shaking. Some people said.

“I literally can’t sleep and feel like I’m in the Conjuring.” I’m very scared, “said one.

“You need to close the bedroom door and put a blanket over your ears to fall asleep,” another person added.

A squeak was heard in the Aurora Building on Latrobe Street, according to residents who said it was “very” noisy this week.

A squeak is heard from the Aurora Building on Latrobe Street


A squeak is heard from the Aurora Building on Latrobe StreetCredits: Getty

Some say the noise has become unbearable as strong winter winds have blown the city and strict restrictions have forced residents to spend more time indoors.

Meanwhile, building developers attribute the noise to bad weather and wind conditions over the past few days.

A spokeswoman for Multiplex said: “For the past few days, Melbourne has experienced harsh weather and wind conditions.

“I am grateful that some residents are concerned about the noise generated by this.

“We want to reassure our residents that there are no structural problems.

“The building is designed to move in strong winds, and the noise recorded by some residents is simply that the building is working properly.

“In offering Australia 108 and Melbourne Square, we have implemented new technologies, such as the stud system, to limit the noise that can occur under normal weather conditions.

“If a resident experiences noise in non-extreme weather conditions, we will work with the building manager to evaluate and determine if minor modifications are needed. This is the standard procedure for a new building. is.”

However, one resident said that although it was quite noisy this week, he thinks there are other problems as well.

“I’ve never heard a sound that sounds like that video, but there’s some structural noise that sounds the same, but it’s not that loud,” he said.

Residents are complaining "Ominous" Sound keeps them at night


Residents complain that “sinister” sounds keep them at night

“It is clear that legislation must be enacted to close this loophole so that vulnerable children are not pushed into such serious and life-changing promises before they are ready.”

A spokeswoman for Aurora developer UEMSunrise said some residents had expressed concern about building noise associated with Melbourne’s recent extreme weather events.

“(We) want to reassure them that there are no problems with the stability or safety of the building,” she said.

“Aurora Melbourne Central is the tallest building in CBD, and the complex engineering that supports the tall building is actually designed to sway in such strong wind conditions. This is because the building is functioning properly. This is an example. “

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The jarring squeaks upset the skyscraper dwellers who say they live in the “The Conjuring” horror movie

Source link The jarring squeaks upset the skyscraper dwellers who say they live in the “The Conjuring” horror movie

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