The horrific moment that the crew of Sky News comes under Russian artillery fire

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Dramatic images show how a group of journalists had to leave Russian attacks while attempting to cross a civilian bridge Ukraine.

Sky News Special Correspondent Alex Crawford, 59, and her team attempted to cross the Desna River, near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Although the bridge is one of the last crossing points for civilians, the Russian military has begun to attack.

Mrs Crawford and her team can be seen as they stop the van to come down and seek cover, as a voice is heard shouting: ‘Get down!’ while loud explosions sound in the background.

As the explosions begin to subside, Ms. Crawford looks back at the camera and tries to continue giving her news report.

But she is interrupted by the disturbing cry of a citizen warning everyone about another round of incoming fire. So the crew steps back into the van and finally gets through.

At one point, the entire crew must come to the floor to cover the bombs (Photo: Sky News)
Alex Crawford tried to continue giving her report, but was interrupted when the fire continued (Photo: Sky News)

It comes to the chief correspondent of Sky News Stuart Ramsay and camera operator Richie Mocklerwas were shot and wounded while reporting in Ukraine.

The crew entered the capital when a small explosion went off under their car. Then Russian soldiers started firing at them.

On footage she shows shouting ‘we are just journalists’, but this does not seem to sway the shooters.

At the time, Mr Ramsay explained why he thought the hit was planned and professional.

He wrote: ‘The first round burst the windshield. Camera operator Richie Mockler crawled into the front passenger footwell. Then we were under a lot of attack.

‘Bullets came through the whole car, tracers, bullet flashes, windshields, plastic seats, the steering wheel and the dashboard had fallen apart.

‘We did not know it then, but the Ukrainians later heard that we had been ambushed by a saboteur Russian reconnaissance team. It was professional, the rounds kept hitting the car – they did not miss. ‘

The reporters eventually arrived at a factory unit where they took cover until the Ukrainian police later rescued them.

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The horrific moment that the crew of Sky News comes under Russian artillery fire

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