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The government is in the process of hiring another 20,000 officers

According to figures released today (July 28), the government is almost halfway to fulfilling its commitment to have 20,000 additional police officers on the streets by 2023.

All 43 police officers in England and Wales have hired an additional 9,814 police officers, already influencing crime efforts and maintaining community security.

The latest figures follow the launch of the government’s Beating Crime Plan yesterday (July 27), aimed at reducing crime, protecting victims and making the country safer.

The plan includes ensuring that police officers are appointed to reach each area. Police officers know their area and are in the best position to ensure that they engage in permanent crime and antisocial behavior.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

We are pleased that by 2023, another 20,000 police officers are already almost halfway to fulfilling their commitment to fight crime.

These numbers are more than just numbers. That means there are thousands of police in the community who protect people, make our city safer, and help victims through some of the most difficult experiences of their lives. ..

Home Secretary Pretty Patel said:

It’s great that we’re on track to reach our goal of hiring 20,000 additional police officers by 2023.

These 9,814 officers have already made a difference in neighboring areas across the country, curbing criminals and keeping people safe.

This increase in police numbers and the beating crime program we launched will provide the power needed to assist police, steal knives, close drug groups and protect communities and vulnerable people from harm. It shows the government’s determination to give them.

New employees are already having a positive impact on the English and Welsh troops. For example, the increase in numbers allows the Kent Police to send more police officers to schools and educational settings, talk to students, and intervene early to prevent crime.

Recruitment activities have also helped police to better represent the communities in which they serve. Since April 2020, more than 6,000 (6,033) female executives have been hired, accounting for 4 out of 10 (42%) new hires.

In addition, more blacks, Asians, and other ethnic minorities are employed as officers throughout the unit than at any other time in the country’s history, accounting for 11.3% (1,557) of new hires.

Martin Hewitt, chairman of the National Police Commissioner’s Council, said:

These additional police officers are welcome as the demand for policing services continues to grow after the coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

While the numbers released today show good progress, there is still much work to be done to attract and hire new cops and keep them already in the police.

Jo Noakes, Director of Labor Development at the University of Police, said:

Police have responded very well to pandemic challenges, such as adapting recruitment methods. Today’s numbers show that police were able to continue to draw new officers into a number of services. This will relieve pressure on the existing workforce, reduce crime, keep communities safe and improve victim outcomes.

With recruitment of this scale, it is encouraging to see more women and women with black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds becoming police officers. It is important that the military actually represents the community in which they serve.

We are proud that the new training for police police recruits at the University of Police has already been adopted by the majority of police in England and Wales. That is, many of these new officers have the breadth and complexity of the important roles they assume.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister hosted a reception at 10 Downing Street for police officers who were involved in the recruitment campaign and thanked police officers for their efforts in response to COVID-19.

Anyone interested in applying for a local unit can search“Join the police” For more information.

Power Rise as of June 2021
Avon & Somerset 273
Bedfordshire 85
Cambridgeshire 159
Cheshire 104
Cleveland 164
Cambria 101
Derbyshire 111
Devon & Cornwall 192
Dorset 55
Durham 91
Dyfed-Powys 51
Essex 200
Gloucestershire 92
Manchester 455
Gwent 49
Hampshire 365
Hertfordshire 186
Humberside 176
Kent 242
Lancashire 276
Leicestershire 206
Lincolnshire 116
City of London 50
Merseyside 532
Metropolitan Police Department 1,708
Norfolk 147
North wales 147
North yorkshire 86
Northamptonshire 102
Kingdom of Northumbria 343
Nottinghamshire 211
South wales 185
South Yorkshire 296
Staffordshire 143
Suffolk 90
Sally 78 78
Sussex 146
Thames Valley 269
Warwickshire 116
West Mercia one two Three
West midlands 740
West Yorkshire 504
Wiltshire 49

The government is in the process of hiring another 20,000 officers

SourceThe government is in the process of hiring another 20,000 officers

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