The government, along with Covid, has stopped paying NHS staff for special illness

The Government Installed cutting special Sick pay for that NHS Staff Who are together Ovid From next week, Independent Learned.

As Covid grows in the community, the Department of Health and Human Services intends to announce the termination of the pay agreement under the pandemic, which means that staff who become ill for a long time with Covid or Covid will return to normal pay rules.

Nursing leaders have responded by arguing that the move is “negligent and unfair” to NHS staff who suffer disproportionately from Covid.

In response to the pandemic, the government announced special measures that employees should be paid if they were isolated from Covid and a full 12 months if they had a long Covid.

The agreements will now return to normal NHS sickness rules, giving workers six months ‘full pay and six months’ half pay.

This was announced by a senior health source Independent: “They have agreed to terminate the new people agreement from next week, and then they will have an implementation period where people who are not currently on this type of scheme will return to their normal sick pay from September.”

Independent Understand that a return to old agreements will apply to anyone experiencing a new Covid or long Covid episode starting July 7th.

The news comes after Covid infections increased by almost 30 per cent last week, with an average of 285,507 people becoming infected with the virus daily.

This weekIndependent Revealed hospitals across the country Decisions were made Made a few weeks ago to prevent wearing the mask in cases of Covid because of the risk.

Patricia Marquis, Nursing Director of the Royal College of Physicians in England, said: “This decision is very disappointing given that COVID-19 has clearly not disappeared and the nursing staff continues to be disproportionately exposed to the virus as they have a high risk of exposure.

“We know that many of our members suffer from prolonged Covid, which negatively affects their lives and prevents them from working. They face the risk of losing their full pay for illness if they remain ill from a condition which some might argue poses an occupational hazard, is careless and unfair.

“This is another indication of how little this government values ​​its nurse. NHS pay is barely enough to get you through the best of times, and it will be another blow to some who struggle with COVID-19-related health problems. ”

Earlier this month Independent Reported findings Pharmaceutical Journal Identified 10,000 NHS employees suffering from long-term covitis during a pandemic.

The Office for National Statistics has previously revealed to health and care workers the highest rates of long-term Covid, which experts say suggests a risk of infection from the virus.

Dr. Elaine Maxwell, of Long Covid Support, warned that plans to return sick staff to a normal sick pay agreement were a “short-sighted plan”.

He said: “I think this is a really short vision that we can see for many people that Covid lasts for more than a year. Long-term data from Covid before the beginning of May this year showed that 376,000 people had been ill for more than two years. So this must mean that they were infected in the first wave. Given that the subsequent waves were much larger in terms of the number of infected, we can see a growing number of people having long Covid for six months and more than a year.

“The NHS is already in a hiring crisis, and therefore the loss of a large number of working-age people who may have recovered in the long run is an economic catastrophe.”

In 2022-23, the responsibility for funding this rested with the NHS trusts, while earlier employers were receiving national funding to support it.

Danny Mortimer, chief executive of the NHS Employers, part of the NHS Confederation, said: The NHS provides a very fair right to sick pay, and organizations explain to employees the consequences of that decision based on their individual circumstances. ”

“However, as we learn to live with Covid in the long run, and as more people are diagnosed with Covid, more and more health leaders are calling on the government to reconsider the wider package of support available to those who are still unable to work.”

The NHS of England and the Department of Health and Welfare were contacted for comment.

The government, along with Covid, has stopped paying NHS staff for special illness

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