The Global Cosmetic Dentistry Market Is Set To Reach USD 36.34 Billion in 2028: What’s Behind The Boom

Recent reports have shown that the global cosmetic dentistry market is flourishing and that it’s set to reach a value of approximately USD 36.34 Billion by 2028.

That significant growth is despite the global economic turmoil that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

Consumers are still eager to get their teeth fixed and improve their smile, but what’s behind this meteoric growth? We explore some of the reasons why cosmetic dentistry is such a trending industry right now.

There Are More Treatment Options Available Than Ever Before

In the past, when consumers thought about getting braces or straightening their teeth, they probably imagined those uncomfortable wired braces that many children used to wear. Today, there are many different options for anyone who wants to get straight, white teeth. An experienced Orthodontist like Dr. Jackie Clune can offer a wide variety of teeth straightening solutions, ranging from Invisalign and clear braces through to hidden lingual braces and custom made braces in a range of colours and designs. With such a wide range of options, it’s never been easier for consumers to find one that suits their unique needs.

Influencers And Celebrities Are Helping To Drive Change

Social media influencers and celebrities are renowned for their love of cosmetic treatments, and many of them now opt for cosmetic dental procedures. As influencers have a vast online following, they often promote beauty treatments and practitioners to their followers, and many advocate for teeth whitening and straightening services. As a result, more and more consumers are turning to cosmetic dentistry to give them the beaming white smiles that they see on their favourite stars.

Consumers Are Making Savings Elsewhere

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be costly, particularly if you need ongoing work, such as if you choose braces or a multi-step tooth whitening treatment. However, as many consumers are making significant savings in other areas of their health and wellness regimes, they’re able to invest that money into cosmetic tooth whitening and straightening treatments. For example, sales of makeup and cosmetic products have suffered thanks to the pandemic. That’s because many individuals haven’t had anywhere to go and therefore have seen no reason to wear these products. Commuters have also saved a lot of money on transport, which they’ve been able to plunge into improving the things that matter to them, such as their smiles.

Video Calls Make A Beaming Smile More Important

As discussed above, the pandemic has led to a shift towards remote working. This has meant that many office workers now spend a significant amount of time on video conference calls. On these calls, most participants only show their faces, which means that the smile takes centre stage. As such, having a gleaming, straight set of teeth is more important than wearing nice shoes, as they can’t be seen by other participants on the video call. As video calling has increased, many consumers have become conscious of the state of their teeth and how visible they are, which has been one of the factors behind the increased interest in cosmetic dentistry.

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