The future of work is a technical (and management) challenge

Even Apple it is certain that the future of work will now be seen as a technological challenge. New generations of office equipment will be needed to meet this challenge designed to support much deeper experiences of remote and hybrid collaborationand solutions must reflect the needs of employees.

Looking for a great collaboration star

Corel offers new insights from his Collaboration Survey, which surveyed 2,027 office workers in the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. 54% of enterprise employees were found to believe that poor collaboration tools are a problem and 70% believe that they limit productivity and waste time.

So what is the current situation?

Reading between the lines, businesses must think much deeper ensure that the tools they provide are suitable and good enough for workers to use. They need to provide ease of use and functionality, and people need to be properly trained in how to use them.

Corel data show:

  • 27% say businesses are not investing in the right tools.
  • 25% agree that collaboration tools have poor functionality.
  • 22% of employees say they are not using the tools available to them.
  • 21% of employees state that they are not trained to use the tools.

What are the characteristics of a good collaboration solution?

Corel data suggests that tools must be platform agnostic, must work across all devices, and enable multiple people to work on the same project at the same time. They need to support people who work asynchronously, be simple and intuitive, and enhance the employee experience.

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The future of work is a technical (and management) challenge

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