The fury of parents like Virginia high school threatens to punish children for ‘deadname’ trans classmates

“That’s far too much, too young!” Furious parents rally at Virginia high school as board suggests punishing children for ‘malicious misconduct’ and ‘deadnaming’ if they use the old names of trans classmates

  • Fairfax County School Board in Virginia Dismisses Punishing Children for ‘Malicious Abuse’ or ‘Dead-Name’ Trans Classmates
  • Deadname is when a person refers to a trans person who uses their old name
  • Otherwise, the proposed rules dispute: ‘That is far too much, too young’, they say
  • The school also thinks about mixing sex education classes to bring boys and girls together
  • Otherwise say they should have the choice to choose in or out of those classes
  • They protested last week at a meeting against the proposed changes

A chorus of angry parents rallied at a Virginia school last night in protest of proposed changes to rules that include punishing children for ‘malicious misconduct’ of their trans-classmates if they accidentally refer to them by their old names.

The Fairfax County School Board is still considering whether or not to carry out the sentences for children at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Virginia.

It would make ‘deadnaming’ – the act of referring to a transgender person by the name they used before moving on – a perpetual crime.

The board also advises mixing boys and girls in sex education classes.

Others say that it is ‘too much too young’ and that some of the material they are viewing is ‘pornographic’.

At a meeting in Virginia last week, the parents held up signs that read ‘concerned parents are’ not terrorists’ and ‘we, the parents have enough’.

Elder Thomas Ferguson protested outside Luther Jackson Middle School yesterday. ‘These are dynamic issues and things that even adults struggle with. It’s important to deal with the majors – reading, writing and arithmetic, ‘he said

A mother wearing a ‘Mama Grizzly’ t-shirt protesting against the proposed changes

‘I asked my son this morning what he would learn. He said: ‘mathematics, science, linguistics, writing. And he said, ‘Oh, science.’ That’s what we want to hear, right?

“We do not want to hear, ‘I’m punished today for naming someone by the wrong pronoun. Or what this regulation identifies as’ malicious misconduct,'” one parent named Jeff said FOX News.

Parents want to be able to sign up or sign up for the mixed sex education classes.

‘That’s absolutely key. Especially if they expand on information that students hear here at school, but you would never even dream of enrolling in an adult work environment.

“Some of the things that kids are told at school or even literature they get at school is, if you sold it on the street, or you had it on the street, you would be criminalized for it,” Parent said. Elizabeth McCauley.

‘It forces our children to engage in some kind of behavior and speech and especially … if you are a conservative family or a Christian family, you have the right to live in reality and … address someone who of course masculine as a man.

This is the Fairfax County Public School Board, which has been named ’12 -0 awake ‘by angry parents

We do not want to hear, “I’m punished today because I named someone by the wrong pronoun. Or what this scheme identifies as ‘malicious misconduct’,” said one parent named Jeff at a meeting last week

“I do not think that speech should be forced,” said mother Stacy Langton.

The Fairfax County School Board has 12 members, including ten women.

In March, Asian Muslim mother Asra Nomani was marched from one of the school board meetings after taking the stage with anti-CRT books.

She had brought with her copies of Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education, a book by Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak.

In an article later, Nomani said she lost her job at the group Parents Defending Education as a result of the incident.

‘Over the past two years, I’ve witnessed a new racism by the 12-0 awakened Democrats on the school board, targeting Asian Americans like me, whose success of children in K-12 schools believing the systemic systemic racism all minorities oppressed.

‘The painful irony of progressive Democrats flashed before me.

“The school board that so often fantasizes about ‘white supremacy’ and the creation of a ‘care culture’ had sent white security officials against me, an Asian immigrant-Muslim single mother,” she said in a March article for The Federalist.

The school board has raised its vote on punishing children for death by June.


The fury of parents like Virginia high school threatens to punish children for ‘deadname’ trans classmates

Source link The fury of parents like Virginia high school threatens to punish children for ‘deadname’ trans classmates

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