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The FOI protocol legislation is not used to support the Prime Minister, the Minister claims

Minister for the Office of Northern Ireland Conor Burns He denied that there was a “sub-agenda” with the legislation, saying that it was a matter of “correcting” issues related to trade agreements after Brexit.

Mr Burns told members of the Northern Ireland Committee that he wanted to break the policy deadlock and instead focus on the implementation process.

Chairman of the Commission Simon Hoar praised Mr Burns’ approach, but suggested he was a minority in government.

I’m an openly gay Catholic born in North Belfast who supports the Union, I do not work for the DUP. I’m doing things because they are the right things for the UK

Mr Hoar said there was a fear that the protocol dispute would be used to “establish relations with the EU” as “red meat, dead cats, games, distractions, or to whet the appetite of a European research group, but more.” the prime minister’s strength or get red editorial shirts on the side. “

Mr. Hoar suggested that other ministers use the issue to show “a little leg, a little muscle” to advance their leadership ambitions.

Mr Burns asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He said the government’s preferred resolution was a settlement agreed with the EU, but said it would not be possible until European leaders extended the negotiating mandate of European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefkovic.

“We can not just sit back and wait, hoping that the mandate will be extended,” he told the deputies.

“So we’re going to get into the legislature, but it’s going to be there to fix it, it’s not going to be within the parliament about encouraging a specific element or getting or calming headlines, be it within the government or within the political parties in Northern Ireland. »

With the proposal that the government is trying to alleviate the DUP’s concerns, Mr. Burns said:

“I’m an openly gay Catholic born in North Belfast who supports the Union. I’m not doing anything for the DUP.

“I do things because they are the right thing for the United Kingdom. And fixing that will lead to the restoration of the Northern Ireland’s authorized government, hopefully, back then. ”

The NIO Secretary said he appreciated Northern Ireland’s businesses needed certainty about their business environment.

“We want a negotiated solution to this issue with the Commission. “We think it is the best way, the best way to do it,” he said.

“But in the absence of that, we would propose legislation to ensure the level of trust we want to give to businesses in Northern Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom.

“We want to have a spirit of cooperation, partnership with our friends in the EU.

“One of my ambitions is that the material of this protocol may be withdrawn from politics and re-entered the process, because we are talking about it.

“We are talking about how to set up a system of inspections and regulations that reflect the different directions of different products and types on these islands.” was found.

“Unfortunately, one cannot find within the strict mandate under which Sefչoviիչը, Vice-President (Maros of the European Commission for Inter-Institutional Relations), is currently acting.”

Conor Burns (center) says PM wants to ‘fix’ Northern Ireland Protocol (Liam McBurney / PA) / PV archive

While creating new controls on the movement of goods between the UK and Northern Ireland, the protocol also offers traders in the region free access to both the UK domestic market and the EU single market.

Bloc MP Steven Farry asked Mr Burns if the government was accepting the opportunity to enter the dual market.

The Minister answered. “We are absolutely convinced that this is a great opportunity for Northern Ireland.”

Mr Burns was also asked about the government’s investment plans in Northern Ireland during his evidence hearing before the committee.

Particular attention has been paid to programs designed to replace lost EU financial support, such as the Leveling Up Foundation.

Stormont ministers have criticized the government’s policy of directly funding projects in Northern Ireland, expressing concern that the approach could lead to duplication or inconsistency in executive funding programs.

Mr Burns rejected criticism of the centralized funding approach.

“We see it as added value,” he said.

“We see it as an increase in the core responsibilities of the executive, not a diminution.”

The FOI protocol legislation is not used to support the Prime Minister, the Minister claims

SourceThe FOI protocol legislation is not used to support the Prime Minister, the Minister claims

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