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The Facts About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you considering getting a teeth whitening treatment soon? Then you should first get a better understanding of what the process involves. If you’re still unsure whether or not you should proceed with this cosmetic treatment, having more information about it will help you make a decision. Keep reading to learn what the process requires in this guide.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening refers to a cosmetic treatment which is meant to bleach the patient’s teeth in order to make them appear brighter. While the patient’s teeth won’t seem pearl white, they will turn significantly lighter, by quite a few shades, which will make a big difference for the person undergoing this process. Having white teeth is generally considered attractive, which is why most people are interested in getting that look.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening isn’t a permanent process. Appealing as it may sound, it usually only lasts between a few months and three years, varying from individual to individual. However, the treatment’s wow effect doesn’t last if the patient is a smoker or if they consume coffee, tea, or red wine regularly. All of these factors lead to the person’s teeth getting stained and losing their whiteness.

Ask your dentist about the whitening process

Never be too scared to enquire about this process you’re about to undergo. It’s your right to ask any questions you may have regarding the treatment, such as what types of whitening treatments are currently available and what results you might get. You can also ask your dentist about any risks involving this procedure, like increased sensitivity, for example.

What happens during your teeth whitening?

You’ll have to go to the clinic two or three times and your dentist is going to take an impression of your teeth. This will help them create your very own mouthguard. They’ll let you know how to use it properly, by adding bleaching gel when wearing it. After that, you’ll start using the mouthguard regularly. You’ll always apply this gel to it, but only for a specific period of time that your dentist will mention to you. The treatment will require a few weeks.

Are home kits and beauty salons as efficient for teeth whitening?

You should only visit a registered dental professional if you want to undergo the teeth whitening process. This is because teeth whitening done by unqualified people such as beauty salons workers, is actually illegal. When it comes to home kits, that carries its own risks. Try to talk to your dentist before buying and using such a kit.

What are the risks when going for home kits and beauty salons for this treatment?

Certain kits don’t actually contain enough gel in order to be efficient and make a significant difference. What’s more, when someone other than a dental professional is doing your teeth whitening, the mouthguard that they’ll provide you with won’t exactly fit properly. This will lead to the gel leaking out and hurting your gums.


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