The Evolution Of Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is constantly evolving. As new companies enter the market and newbies find strategies to overcome the big gaming houses, the business is continuously evolving and changing.

In 1998, a particular handful of entrepreneurs created Planet Bingo, which quickly became one of the most popular internet casinos. A lot of people were apprehensive at first when it came to taking part in this new concept known as the internet. Tech-savvy fraudsters and rip-off artists preyed on unsuspecting users who had no idea what they were getting into.

The Beginning

It was 1994 when the first gambling software was introduced. Although it was nothing fancy and was more of an online digital bingo hall it marked the beginning of something new. Planet Bingo as it was called was the first site that allowed users to place with the use of a WAP-enabled mobile phone or web browser and only featured one game.

In 1998 a British gaming company by the name of Sportingbet decided to purchase Planet Bingo and the software development team from the founder and owners of Planet Bingo. The online gaming industry was about to undergo a paradigm shift. Following the launch of Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, a frenzy erupted in the gambling industry.

Other casino software providers quickly followed suit and introduced their own products. It wasn’t long before major gambling companies decided to provide full-fledged gaming items online without incurring the expenditures of running a physical and mortar establishment. One year later, Internet casino revenues are still on the rise.

Online Casinos Today

Today online casinos have pretty much dominated the gambling space even surpassing its older and wiser brothers land-based casinos. So how and why exactly have online casinos evolved to be the giant it is today?


For starters, these sites are incredibly easy to access. Even for complete newbies with no casino experience, some of the best online casino providers in UK could help them understand applicable laws, and even provide a quick insight into what the future might hold for online casinos. It’s also a great way to fast-track what to look for when choosing a site.


Online casinos provide a lot and we mean a ton of casino game titles to choose from. Unlike its older brother the land-based casino, online casinos are limited by the physical space of the property.

Online casinos on the other hand have virtually limitless space, which practically allows online casinos to offer a lot more games.

Overhead Costs

Online casinos also have much lower overhead costs when compared to land-based casinos. Typically staff for online casinos are limited to server engineers and customer service agents and depending on the site a few live dealers for most of the running time. Of course, designers and website developers are involved in the initial opening and updated versions of sites.

Having less staff to pay and less running costs for cleaning services, bartenders, dealers

, and so on allows online casinos to provide another reason to make use of online sites…Bonuses & Promotions.


Online casinos also offer unbeatable bonuses and promotions. This is due to two main factors, as we discussed above, they have less overhead costs, and secondly, due to the sheer volumes of players, online casinos can have at a time.

This allows online casinos to offer unbelievable promotions and incentives for players to join their sites. To make things all that better for players, with so many sites currently available on the market casino sites use bonuses and promotions to help swing customers their way.

Mobile Gaming

Online casinos have made playing on iOS/Android devices super easy and a great casual way to enjoy some wagering fun. Today one can enjoy gaming on the go while traveling to work or even while waiting for their turn for an appointment. In basic terms, mobile gaming has revolutionized yet again the gaming industry.

It’s the new evolution for online casinos but it’s certainly not the latest. Mobile gaming has been a great addition to online casinos and will continue to do so for many years. Mobile gaming is the way most punters wager today, and who can blame them?

Better incentives for mobile users, apps with better graphics and animations, better UI, and gaming fun whenever and wherever you choose as long as you have a solid internet connection.

VR Online Casinos

The new trend is the metaverse and online casinos have already infiltrated the market at least somewhat. The biggest problem internet casinos face today is the atmosphere provided by actual casinos is quite hard to beat. VR has allowed players to enter a virtual casino and enjoy games of poker at an actual table with other players all in real-time.

Although this tech has a long way to go in terms of cheating prevention it’s clearly where online gaming will look to go next.


Perhaps the Online casinos are evolving at a faster pace than this Czech police-seized Ferrari can ever reach but it lacks the style and etiquette found at brick-and-mortar casinos. With VR technologies and the digital world aiming towards the meta verse perhaps the final bridge for online casinos will be burnt and online casinos will rule the gambling scene.


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