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The EU threatened a fierce trade war with the UK over the Brexit agreement: “This is unacceptable!” | UK | News

Position-Brexit Britain-EU relations are once again tense as Brussels warns that it will file a proceeding “immediately” against Britain. This move will occur after the government has decided to unilaterally postpone the implementation of some of the Brexit agreements relating to Northern Ireland. The government will extend the check grace period to allow more time for Northern Irish businesses to coordinate. Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis announced a “new operational plan” on Wednesday to ship goods from England, Scotland and Wales to Northern Ireland and Commons.

He states: “We are proceeding with a series of temporary operational steps that reflect the simple reality that we need more time to adapt and implement new requirements. EU.. “

However, Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefchovic said the UK decision was “very negative news” because of the legal threat.

This is not the first time the Northern Ireland Protocol has created tension between Brussels and London.

Last year, the government introduced a risky plan to adopt the Northern Ireland Protocol. This is part of a withdrawal agreement to ensure that the border is open to the Irish islands.

In September, EU internal documents suggested that Brussels was considering actions that could lead to a trade war with Britain.

The Telegraph also reported that the EU is ready to use the dispute resolution process in its withdrawal agreement. This can result in additional fines and binding decisions.

Danuta Hübner, chair of the European Parliament Group on the implementation of the withdrawal agreement, said at the time: “It’s very ironic, if the bill is just a way to put pressure on current negotiations.

“Violating the withdrawal agreement, especially the provisions of the Protocol, will pose a serious threat to the lasting peace and prosperity of the island of Ireland. This will be unacceptable and unacceptable.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Reyen confirmed in October that Brock would file a proceeding against the United Kingdom.

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Northern Ireland’s secretary, Brandon Lewis, argued this week that the government’s actions were “legal and consistent with the progressive and sincere implementation of the Protocol.”

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Arlene Foster said the EU is inflexible in moving goods to Northern Ireland.

She claimed today that the European Commission is disrupting the supply chain through the “imbalanced” application of the Northern Ireland Protocol and damaging the Good Friday Agreement.

Ms. Foster said: “They take a very militant approach to the difficulties the Protocol has brought to Northern Ireland.

“The number of checks being made between the UK and Northern Ireland is so disproportionate to the risk to the EU Single Market that it is not exactly in line with the intent of the protocol.”

The EU threatened a fierce trade war with the UK over the Brexit agreement: “This is unacceptable!” | UK | News

Source The EU threatened a fierce trade war with the UK over the Brexit agreement: “This is unacceptable!” | UK | News

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