The entrepreneur invests a six-figure sum on an AI-powered business matching platform

A serial entrepreneur has invested a “significant six-figure” in a new technology platform that he says will move away from “soft content” in favor of real business contacts.

Northwest-based Ian Wright spent 18 months building his new business, Board.AI, in response to complaints that traditional channels like LinkedIn have become “fake social media platforms.”

The 43-year-old said Board.AI’s algorithm can’t discriminate against things like gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion because it doesn’t ask these questions in the first place.

“Board.AI removes the white noise that is contained,” Wright explained. “If you take it back to basics, its AI technology focuses solely on finding the right business match for its users, based on skills. It’s that simple.

“People are short of time, so he only invites you to one meeting a week and you can decide what you want to get out of it.

“For example, if you are looking for a fractional, non-executive or portfolio manager role, you can tell him you are looking for it and the technology will know your industry, your skills and your position and match you with a company or headhunter he is looking for. someone with your industry experience. “

Board.AI already has 15,000 users, and Wright is planning a rollout that will add another 50,000 accounts to the platform before it moves to a paid model.

Wright previously sold two technology companies and is now a Liverpool investor and non-executive director TheWebinarVet.comNorthwest animation SaaS business Viddyoze and international online retailer Street Solutions UK.

In 2019 it launched and has grown to be the largest community of non-executive directors in the UK.

Fed up with “soft” content.

He decided to launch Board.AI after being frustrated with the amount of “soft content” on platforms like LinkedIn.

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“LinkedIn has 830 million members worldwide, but instead of the personal updates that some people like, I just want to use it to do more business,” Wright said.

“This is where Board.AI comes in. It is a C suite and board-level connection platform that is fully provided using an algorithm.

“There is a lot of talk about ending discrimination but, strangely enough, platforms ask all their users’ questions that others could use to actually discriminate! Board.AI does not need to know the gender, race, sexuality, pronouns or religion of its users. The algorithm is only concerned with finding a good match. “

Solving business problems

Wright said that in addition to being a “matching platform,” Board.AI has also focused on solving common business problems across its extensive network.

“Instead of connecting with a million people, users want to connect with the most relevant one who can actually help,” he said.

“The great thing about Board AI is that it can also help address common business challenges.

“For example, I’m not an executive in various businesses and I can use it to help my clients. It also helps me find co-founders, raise funding, etc.

“I have just met a fantastic family business with a turnover of £ 22 million and a net profit of £ 2 million. They have more than 100 employees but do not have significant external accounting help or a management team.

“As a result, the owners are under tremendous pressure. Board.AI allows them to log into the platform, share a challenge about not having an accountant, and Board.AI will automatically make presentations to three national accounting firms that are part of a panel. They can decide who they want to talk to. Which then starts a series of free consultations.

“This can be for any headache a business owner typically has, from tax law, employment law or a legal matter. The possibilities are endless.

“It’s all about establishing business contacts. It’s not about being a social media platform. This is the difference.

The entrepreneur invests a six-figure sum on an AI-powered business matching platform

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