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The Durability of Moissanite Diamonds

Moissanite diamonds are precious gemstones worthy of your investment. Just like in any other investment, you should make sure that your moissanite diamonds are viable and genuine. For a very long time, diamonds dominated the jewelry industry. However, the introduction of other gems like moissanite has provided better alternatives in terms of affordability.

The durability of moissanite diamond jewelry is enough evidence to make you put your money into it. If you cannot afford to buy natural diamonds, you can consider moissanite as a top alternative. It is not only affordable but also has superior qualities comparable to those of diamonds. For that reason, you will get a durable gem with good returns.

Everything about Moissanite Diamonds

Discovered as Silicon Carbide, moissanite is a reliable gemstone used in the jewelry industry and beyond. Most importantly, it is lab-grown and readily available in the market. For that reason, they are affordable unlike diamond, which is hard to find. Here is why moissanite diamond is a worthy gemstone to consider for investment:

  1. Strength and Hardness  

On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite has a score of 9.25, which is close to that of a diamond. For that reason, moissanite has matching strength with that of a diamond. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative to diamonds in making long-lasting jewelry.

Owing to the amount of money you are going to invest, you need a durable and long-lasting gem of this nature. Therefore, you can comfortably pick moissanite diamonds knowing that they are strong enough for different uses and applications.

  1. Resistance to Scratching and Chipping  

Good gems are tough enough to withstand any form of abrasion on the surface. This is another great quality of moissanite diamonds.  For that reason, it is unlikely that your moissanite jewelry will break, chip or even scratch. This “forever” gem can withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore, it is a good way to spend your money.

Improved manufacturing procedures have made it possible to make scratch-resistant and durable moissanite. Dealers subject the materials under intense heat and pressure to produce high-quality moissanite diamonds matching those of natural diamonds.


  1. Perfect Fire and Brilliance  

We all love gemstones for their brilliance and beauty. Diamond has a very good shine. However, moissanite has a unique fire and brilliance, which is slightly better than that of a diamond. This is so because moissanite has a refractive index of 2.65, which is higher than that of diamond at 2.42. Therefore, it will add some good glam and spark into your life. The good thing is that it is stable enough to serve you for a long time without losing its spark.

  1. High-Quality Color and Clarity 

Moissanite diamonds have great color and clarity. Most importantly, they are available in various color grades comparable to those of diamond: D-E-F colorless, G-H-I-J near colorless and K-L-M faint yellow color grades. Regardless of whatever color grade you buy, moissanite diamondswill not fade.

Over and above color, moissanite is also known for its clarity. Therefore, it has few or no inclusions in it. You will need 10-x magnification to see any inclusions in them.  This is proof of the high quality of moissanite diamonds. In addition, it will remain clear over the years.

  1. Low maintenance and Cleaning Requirements 

 Every gem needs cleaning to keep it in good condition. However, moissanite diamonds do not require sophisticated substances to clean and maintain them. Therefore, it will retain its amazing qualities with basic care and maintenance throughout its lifetime.

Your hard-earned moissanite will not get cloudy over time. Its quality will stand even if dirt and oil builds up on it. A simple cleaning procedure will restore it to its original state.   Therefore, you will not incur extra costs to keep it in good shape.

Investments in precious stones demand a careful search to investigate the kind of gems you are buying. Otherwise, you may end up buying low-quality gems. However, moissanite diamonds are a real deal owing to their strength and durability. They are tested gemswith closely matching qualities to those of natural diamonds. Most importantly, they are readily available and more affordable than diamonds. Therefore, you can never go wrong by investing in moissanite diamonds.            

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