The draft abortion report will update the need for birth control

“Access to abstraction is really a matter of equality and now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to establish barriers to contraception because we know access to abortion will be much more difficult in this country. “- said Reagan McDonald-Mosley, CEO of Power to Decide, a nonprofit organization working to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

The prospect of having daily birth control pills wherever people can buy medication without a doctor’s supervision comes almost two decades after the FDA announced the emergency plan for an emergency contraceptive drug called Plan B – a political controversy. Susan Wood, director of the Women’s Health Office, has resigned.

“Reviewers and leadership are under pressure from all directions, so it is very important that any kind of protection is around the FDA and that it is maintained and strengthened because it is not perfect,” said Wood, now a professor of health policy at George Washington University. .

Democratic lawmakers are pressuring the FDA to move quickly after submitting applications. “The health and well-being of people with the ability to conceive across the United States are at stake,” FDA Commissioner Robert Calif, a 59-member chamber chairing a pro-election group, wrote in March.

Meanwhile, some Conservative legislators are working to restrict access to contraception and You. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) Questioned the legal precedent that establishes the right to privacy for contraceptive access during the hearing of Supreme Court Justice Katanji Brown Jackson.

A coalition of reproductive rights groups, researchers, and clinics has been working to sell hormonal contraceptives for nearly two decades. An over-the-counter oral contraceptive working group that considers Wood as a member began working with HRA Pharma in 2016 to conduct research to help support the application for OTC labeling.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Family Physicians have endorsed variants of birth control pills, which OTC advocates say show the FDA can and should approve the change.

“I do not think we would have approached it if it had not been so, and it should have an impact on the FDA’s support for it,” he said. Samantha Miller, CEO of Cadence Health.

Birth control pills, while extremely safe, can complicate some basic health conditions and always require medical supervision.

Some advocates say it will be easier to give an HRA over the counter because it poses less risk to different groups of people. Hannah is a progestin-only pill, which means it is less likely to cause side effects. Cadence produces a combined abs containing a mixture of estrogen and progestin. People over the age of 35, smokers, or those with poorly controlled high blood pressure or blood clotting disorders may be advised to avoid combined pills.

Both companies also need to ensure that customers can understand the label and follow the instructions that come with the medication.

A spokesman for HRA Pharma declined to comment. But Miller said the FDA has halted attempts to actually use Cadence combination pills and added more requirements to monitor blood pressure monitoring in study participants. The new requirements, which forced Cadence to update its etiquette and re-do comprehension research, have returned the company’s actual use trial period to at least one year, he said.

“We are really ready to see it all through,” Miller told POLITICO.

Advocates also encourage OTC marking of tablets without restricting their use to adults. They argue that science shows that oral contraceptives are safe and effective in adolescents, and that any attack of age restrictions equates to the politicization of OTC switching.

“I was much more worried [people over 80] “Getting something that can hurt them is more harmful than people under the age of 15 taking a drug that can not be overdosed and has no side effects at all,” Wood said.

Proponents of OTC birth control say removing barriers to oral contraceptives is not a safe substitute for abortion, but is another tool for people to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

“Everyone should have the freedom to choose their own way of life,” said Victoria Nichols, project director for the Release Pills campaign, which is associated with the OTC Pill Working Group. “Both contraception and abortion are part of the full range of sexual and reproductive health care that allows us to exercise this freedom.

The draft abortion report will update the need for birth control

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