The Director of the Cornwall Tourism Board urges visitors to book dinner three weeks in advance

Tourists in the area warn that tourists need to book meals a few weeks in advance, as Cornwall can be overwhelmed by visitors.

There are travel restrictions for overseas vacations Most likely to be installed during the summerDomestic tourist destinations such as Cornwall are preparing for a surge in visitor numbers.

Malcolm Bell, Head of Visit Cornwall, urged prospective visitors to plan their itinerary in advance to avoid overcrowding and disappointing stays. He also warned that in busy town centres, traffic regulation and Covid Marshall could help manage the crowd, as it did last year.

“If you want to enjoy lunch or dinner, you need to book a couple of weeks before your arrival,” Bell said. IWhile there is concern that the capacity will decrease due to Staff shortage And Covid Limits..

“The worry is that people can come down and book accommodation, but not the attractions. When it’s down, you might be able to book a couple of days in advance, There is no point in starting thinking at 5 pm, “he said. “Because I’m busy, booking in advance will make my holidays better, but now it’s more of a necessity than I want.”

Mr. Bell, the venue You still need to keep your customers away..

He said there was a “real chance” Place of hospitality It may not be able to accommodate the huge number of tourists, but with the option to sit on the beach with fish and chips, he added, “No one will starve.”

Tourism bosses have also called on the government to crack down on short-term holiday rentals like Airbnb to help local governments regulate tourism.

On Thursday, the government announced talks on creating a national registration for Airbnb hosts to help provide clearer images of where people are renting homes to Congress and emergency services. .. The move was recommended by Airbnb earlier this week to “provide more sustainable travel, protect homes, prevent villains and support tourism innovation.”

Mr Bell welcomed the move, but urged the government and agencies to take further steps in the short term.

“I’m glad they moved an inch. It’s just needed to move the rest of the foot,” he said.

Bell said all hosts will now pay £ 100 a year, regardless of how often they rent a house, and hope that the money will go to additional charges. Coronavirus For quick testing in Cornwall and host education and security.

Bell said he understands that not all hosts offer homes often, but “unfortunately, no matter how much you drive, your car must be insured.” ..

Marina Novelli, a professor of tourism at the University of Brighton, who worked with Airbnb to create the proposal, said she hoped the measure would help the tourism industry emerge more strongly from the pandemic and joined other permitting agencies. Prompted.

“Doing this right is essential to provide an important foundation for a stronger and more sustainable future after a pandemic in this sector,” she said.

“The importance of registering short-term lett is not just an Airbnb issue. For sector interests and destination sustainability, sector regulation will be widely adopted in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. It’s clearly important to be, especially now that we’re trying to better resume tourism. “

The Director of the Cornwall Tourism Board urges visitors to book dinner three weeks in advance

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