The Codasip University Program encourages innovation and reinforces curriculum –

Keith Graham appointed Head of University Program

Munich, 10 March 2022 – Codasip, the leader in processor design automation, launched a University Program to help the next generation of processor engineers Design for Differentiation and to solve tomorrow ‘s technological challenges. The Program complements the computer engineering e-degree and undergraduate curriculum with materials and assignments, and by granting access to industry-leading custom Codasip RISC-V development tools and a high-level CodAL synthesis language.

Access to Codasip Studio development tools and CodAL development language, as well as specific technologies will enable Codasip University Program partners to support specific RISC-V-based domain applications and applications, including functional security, architecture computing, processor security, high memories, even AI / ML. Codasip, together with its technology partners, will provide dedicated support to universities for their research projects – A Design Ecosystem for Differentiation that will encourage innovation and the exchange of ideas.

To register your interest in the Program, and for more information, visit the Codasip University Program page here:

Codasip has appointed Keith Graham to lead the new University Program, with many years of engineering and academic leadership experience to the role. Prior to joining Codasip, Graham had already recognized the benefits of customizing RISC-V processors using Codasip Studio and developed courses for the University of Colorado.

Codasip Design for Differentiation enables processors and system developers to innovate and – using Codasip and IP tools – bring their ideas to market in the shortest time and at the lowest cost to maximize competitive advantage. Codasip Studio is a unique collection of tools for quickly and easily modifying RISC-V processors. CodAL is the C – like language of Codasip used to create and verify Codasip processors, with models to optimize and simplify modifications.

Keith Graham said, “Access to CodAL and Studio enables students to focus on becoming innovative processor designers. CodAL is a high-level synthesis language, more efficient and less error-free than a less abstract language like Verilog. ” Graham continued, “The Codasip Design for Ecosystem Differentiation provides the ideal platform for processor design automation to help future designers integrate their ideas into marketable products. We are engaging with multiple universities in curriculum development and research activities, and we look forward to welcoming additional universities into the Program ”.

Codasip Founder and President, Dr Karel Masarík, said, “We were able to support university programs with our Codasip tools, but when Keith agreed to join Codasip and help us, we were able to offer a much larger partnership program. define comprehensive for universities. . We are delighted to already roll out the undergraduate and undergraduate courses thanks to Keith ‘s extensive experience in course development: This means we can deliver the Program that the universities tell us they need. And if done right, we help universities develop the theory and design skills needed by companies developing SoCs. ”

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The Codasip University Program encourages innovation and reinforces curriculum –

Source link The Codasip University Program encourages innovation and reinforces curriculum –

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