The CBD firm, backed by Beckham, is facing a food recall


zealous BeckhamThe healthcare company Cellular Goods, which is supported, was forced to make an awkward reversal today when it admitted that CBD products may have to be recalled under the new rules a few days after they have stated they meet the requirements.

In a trade resumption after discussions with the Food Standards Agency, the firm said: “Cellular products are currently considering their position, awaiting advice from the company’s consultants, and seeking further clarification on FSAposition “.

On Monday, the company said its CBD range of ingested products “complies with FSA guidelines”. It is clear that cellular goods are being addressed to the FSA for greater clarity, which has led to a new statement.

The confusion stems from new recommendations issued for oral CBD products.

CBD is a chemical compound contained in hemp plants that can be extracted or synthetically created and used for its relaxing qualities. It has recently become popular as an ingredient in food food additives, beverages and cosmetics. It does not have psychoactive properties.

CBD products sold after February 2020 in the UK cannot be sold without prior permission.

None of the cellular products have been included in the recently published FSA Authorized Product List. The products in question are made by the Channelle McCoy Health (CMH) supplier whose products are approved.

Initially, the company claimed that its range of CBD products met the requirements, “because it is not a ‘new product’ on the market, and all the necessary FSA parts … are the same as the proven CMH products on the FSA list.”

The new rules will affect the range of nasal sprays, oral drops and capsules Cellular Goods, but not the range of skin care products.

The FSA said: “An important part of any new application of CBD is to pay attention to product safety.”

Beckham owns a 5% stake in Cellular Goods worth £ 656,000 through its investment business DB Ventures.

At the beginning of trading, stocks of cellular goods fell by 4.6%.

The CBD firm, backed by Beckham, is facing a food recall

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