The Biden administration will end its controversial border policy in May

“Following the current state of public health and the increasing availability of anti-Covid-19 tools (such as highly effective vaccines and therapies), the CDC Director has determined that an order suspending the entry of migrants into the United States is no longer necessary. “, – said in a statement issued by the CDC, which was published on Friday.

The agency said the order will expire in May to give the Department of Homeland Security time to implement Covid-19 mitigation protocols, including strengthening its migrant vaccination program. He said it would work “Introduce additional COVID-19 mitigation procedures” that will “sufficiently mitigate the risk of Covid-19” for Americans, given that more than 97 percent of the country is now categorized as low-risk, according to the agency.

The long-awaited decision prompted an immediate reaction in Washington from lawmakers who said the administration was not ready to deal with the possibility of an increase in the number of migrants across the border, a party that is politically and logistically an acute issue this year. . Both Republicans And Democrat MPs Wondering how the administration will manage this change after two years of limited migration across the border.

“Premature termination of Title 42 is likely to lead to an increase in migrants, for which the administration is not prepared,” Sen said. Maggie Hassan (DN.H.) wrote on Twitter. “I will continue the administration to strengthen border security and look forward to hearing directly from border agents during my next trip across the border.”

Republican National Committee chair Rona McDaniel said Friday that after the order was completed, President Joe Biden “is doubling his commitment to actively exacerbate the crisis he has created.”

Alejandro Majorcas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said after the CDC statement that DHS was “always prepared for the balance and flow of migration patterns.”

“We are increasing our capabilities to process new arrivals, assess asylum applications and quickly remove those who do not have security qualifications. “We have increased the staff and resources as needed and have already relocated more than 600 law enforcement officers across the border,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, DHS officials said Title 42 would remain in effect until the end of May, while DHS received its new vaccination program for migrants at the Customs and Border Protection Division.

DHS launched a program this week that aims to administer up to 2,000 vaccines a day to migrants at 11 locations across the border and plans to expand to 6,000 vaccines a day at 27 locations in the coming weeks, a DHS official said.

Were Democratic lawmakers, public health experts, and immigration advocates Pressure rise The administration ended the order as the total number of Covid-19 cases in the U.S. fell and pandemic restrictions eased.

In March, the CDC completed an order for homeless juveniles and said they no longer needed to be deported as a public health measure. The DC District Court also upheld a ruling suspending the government from using policies to deport families back to countries where they may face persecution or torture without an asylum mechanism.

Immigrants have long argued that this policy violates international humanitarian law, blocks people from seeking asylum in the United States, and does not live up to Biden’s promises of a “fair and humane” immigration system.

Human Rights First says it was About 9900 cases On kidnappings, torture, rape and other assaults on people who were expelled only under the Biden administration under Title 42.

The Biden administration will end its controversial border policy in May

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