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The Best Way to Use ICTCRM to Boost Your Sales Results

Businesses used to keep track of all the operations and Metrics using paper and excel sheets not so long ago. But as we entered the digital age, everything was going to change. CRM provided businesses with a more sophisticated way to keep track of their customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool used by companies of all sizes to organize and manage customer interactions and deliver a customized experience. Despite the tool’s effectiveness, a study revealed that 40% of marketers and small businesses do not currently use CRM software.

Because they view CRM as a tool designed exclusively for large companies with specialized sales teams, small businesses may not use it as much as they could. They are unaware of the effectiveness of CRM software for small organizations with few salespeople. However, CRM software is the best for organizations of all sizes.

When it comes to CRM software, ICTCRM is among the best options for companies of all sizes. It is a CRM software that is open source, unified communications, white label, multi-user, and multi-tenant, with a user-friendly dashboard and functionalities that are simple to use.

Ways to Boost Your Sales Process with the help of ICTCRM:

Sales are the blood that keeps any company alive, no matter how big or little. Additionally, the business is more stable with a higher sales rate. Because of this, business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase customer connections and their marketing strategies to maintain a continual flow of customers.

Here are the top 10 ways that businesses can employ to increase sales growth while utilizing ICTCRM and convert prospects into customers:

  • Start Establishing Genuine Relationship with Customers
  • Chatbots are Essentials
  • Assess your Success
  • Establish a Bond through Video
  • Seamless Omni Channels Approach
  • Create Unique Experience through Personalization
  • Helps to know about your Customers Needs
  • Help to improve your Marketing Campaigns
  • Show Gratitude to your Devoted Customers
  • Reduce Data Duplication Provision

A brief discussion of all these ways by which it is the best ways to use ICTCRM software to Boost your Sales Results:

i)Start Establishing Genuine Relationship with Customers:

When a customer interacts with the company website for the first time, the ICTCRM software system stores their information. This enables sales representatives to follow up with the customer even after they join the company due to possible continued business support. Having reliable information about a customer enables sales representatives to develop relationships through consistent communication. It also enables you to understand customers’ needs so you can appropriately address them. As a result, customer retention leads to more sales and the growth of the company.

ii)Chatbots are Essentials:

Real-time customer support is crucial, and you may provide it with the help of the ICTCRM software system. It gives you the chance to improve your skills in providing excellent customer service while also serving as a useful tool for your sales staff. This is possible by integrating chatbot functionality into your company website. Chatbots may automatically relay answers to FAQs, and it has been discovered that this is the finest application for the program. Create a system to handle website users who are specifically looking for something. They could be directed correctly automatically. Everyone benefits. Your sales staff experiences a significant reduction in pressure, and your potential customer receives the response they require at the precise moment they require it.

A chatbot setup is also more likely to collect personal information from users than an internet form. A chatbot’s conversational style enables you to establish a relationship of trust with your customers. Questions can be resolved, problems eased, issues solved, and loyalty cultivated. When used appropriately, chatbots have the potential to be quite powerful tools.

iii)Assess your Success:

Data is the basis of digital marketing outcomes and is essential for creating successful campaigns. Your plan will have worked better if you receive greater interaction from a campaign, which increases sales. It is crucial to implement software like ICTCRM that will support your company’s objectives. By doing this, you can be certain that you are monitoring the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and using this information to make smart business decisions going forward. Data-driven businesses are more likely to attract clients. Additionally, they have a higher likelihood of being profitable and of keeping their clients.

You may view what your employees are doing and working on by using analytics solutions that are compatible with your business software, such as customer relationship management (CRM). Teams may benefit from the data-driven dashboards in terms of motivation. It has never been simpler to acknowledge and recognize employees who are performing effectively. When goals are met, the dashboards will let you know so you may recognize and celebrate appropriately.

iv)Establish a Bond through Video:

The use of video in sales outreach has become more widespread in recent years. It has transformed overnight from a minor issue to virtually a necessity due to the global epidemic. Statistics indicate that it can reduce the sales cycle in half, thus it is projected that it won’t disappear either. It is filling the gap created by the inability to do face-to-face business.

When buying a new good or service, 76% of customers prefer to talk to someone. By delivering online consultations and bringing your specialists closer to your consumers, ICTCRM Software’s video chat allows your team to communicate directly.

v)Seamless Omni Channels Approach:

The use of video in sales marketing has become more widely used in recent years. It has transformed overnight from a minor issue to virtually a necessity due to the global epidemic. Statistics indicate that it can reduce the sales cycle in half, thus it is projected that it won’t disappear either. It is filling the gap created by the inability to do face-to-face business.

When buying a new product or service, 76% of customers prefer to talk to someone. By delivering online consultations and bringing your specialists closer to your consumers, ICTCRM Software’s video chat allows your team to communicate directly. Your customer journeys should not, however, be entirely digital. Your sales process will once again depend heavily on in-person interactions with your sales professional. Employees can develop relationships, trust, and understanding due to ICTCRM. enabling them to find fresh chances that will eventually result in higher-quality conversions and increased sales.

vi)Create Unique Experience through Personalization:

Many customers claim that they will only interact with businesses whose marketing strategies are individualized and incorporate personalized messaging. That is a lot. You may prevent a potential consumer from reducing your market share by using a few straightforward methods.

By using the information, you already have on your potential customers, personalization may be accomplished with ease. The majority of individuals are ready to share personal information, therefore setting up assets or user profiles on your online channels can help you improve the experiences of each consumer. Sales teams will be better able to monitor their behaviors and enhance customer experiences. Consequently, it will assist you in increasing sales. Sales staff will be able to communicate directly with your customers and prospects due to the comprehensive customer data at their disposal.

vii)Helps to know about your Customer’s Needs:

Knowing your customers’ interests is simple thanks to ICTCRM software, which compiles all of your customer data onto one platform. For instance, if your website is connected to your CRM software, you can simply determine what their interests and desires are based on where they spend a lot of time or where their most frequent searches are focused. As an alternative, you might provide a chat feature on your website so that visitors may freely express their interests and you can record any questions or complaints they may have. Knowing who your customers are and what they want will help you identify a good market, which will improve your sales process and enable you to raise more money.

viii)Helps to Improve your Marketing Campaigns:

When a client first visits your website until they become a customer, ICTCRM gathers data from all of your customers and places it in one convenient location. With the data that ICTCRM collects from all of your customers, you can learn more about where the majority of your customers come from and target them more effectively. For instance, if you find that social media is where the majority of your customers are, you may need to focus heavily on social media marketing.

ix)Show Gratitude to your Devoted Customers:

Every business will always have consumers who return after their initial purchase, perhaps because they enjoyed your product or had a positive customer experience, and over time, those customers develop a loyalty to you. You may be wondering how you will know these loyal customers, but it is easy. You can gather data from the ICTCRM software. It will show you which customers are most profitable over others. Take note of them and reward them accordingly. This gives them a unique and special feeling and makes them more likely to stick around your business. Your sales process will be improved as a result.

x)Reduce Data Duplication Provision:

This is one of the most prevalent mistakes that affect businesses, especially if your data is collected manually. The probability that typing or writing errors will be made as well as the possibility of fake data being entered without your knowledge makes this a problem for productivity, profitability, efficiency, and time management. However, with ICTCRM, you won’t have to put up with duplicate data; you can get rid of it in under a minute by making sure your sales team’s user logins have the proper access to the software, making sure your sales team is connected, awarding sales managers access to those user logins for the sales representatives, and granting top management access to the sales team’s user logins data for review and evaluation. Your company’s performance will increase with all of this in place, and there won’t be any duplication.


A ready-made customer management software called ICTCRM streamlines all of the data, including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Tasks, and Reports. It is straightforward, efficient, and well-structured.

You may enhance customer service, satisfaction, and retention with the use of ICTCRM. You may create contacts, bring in new business, and create a productive agent team. With the help of our customer relationship management (CRM) system, you may boost your sales in these ten easy ways. Start experiencing these advantages for yourself by providing your staff with the resources they require to flourish.


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