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The Best Cars for Learning to Drive.

Learning to drive is a properly exciting time for those able to do it. Getting out on the road unlocks the freedom to travel far and wide, visit new places and enjoy road trips with your friends and family, but first you’re going to need to get hold of your first car. As a learner driver, choosing the right first car is really important, because there are a few things that’ll probably take priority when it comes to making a purchase. Because you’re a new driver, you’re going to be facing some pretty steep insurance costs, so finding a car that’s cheap to run and cheap to insure is likely to be a good place to start. 

Ford Fiesta 

The Ford Fiesta was updated back in 2017 but, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the newest model, the older version is a great purchase, too. The updates in the latest version include a heavily improved interior, with a central touchscreen infotainment display where there used to be lots of buttons. Screens alone do not make a great car for learner drivers. What makes the Fiesta an ideal first car is the fact it’s very easy to drive, and simple to operate. There are no gimmicks here; everything is designed to be straightforward and functional. It’s also economical and cheap to insure, plus it comes with enough seating and cargo space for four young adults, so the inevitable post-driving test road trip will be comfortable for all those on board, too.

Kia Rio

Whilst the Ford Fiesta stands out as a car that does everything a first car needs to do very well, the Kia Rio excels in one particular area; its warranty. As standard all Kia models come with a 100k mile, seven year warranty, meaning that learner drivers can pick up a three year old motor and still have four years of manufacturer cover remaining, with no worries about crippling repair bills if something goes wrong. 

Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo is ideally suited to those learner drivers spending a lot of their time in busy towns and cities. The reason is rear-wheel-drive, which allows the front wheels to turn at a sharper angle, making it incredibly manoeuvrable – its turning circle is amongst the tightest on the market. 

The Dacia Sandero 

While affordability is key to a learner driver, that doesn’t mean your options are limited to used cars only. The Dacia Sandero is so fantastically cheap (prices start at under £10,000) many might as well purchase one fresh off the production line for the benefit of a longer warranty. The cheapest Access trim has been removed from the range as of 2020, which is just as well because they were sold with the square root of nothing in terms of equipment. This isn’t an exaggeration, available equipment included wind-up front and rear windows and that is about it. 

Choosing a model to learn in is a very important decision, as it will be the car you are likely to take your test in and will be your first car going forward. Find the car that fits you and that you are comfortable and safe driving in.


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