The Best Campervan Destinations in the World

One of the beauties of going on holiday in a campervan is the flexible mobility it provides. Campervan holidays allow you to explore a myriad of destinations and experience unique, exhilarating moments.

When you buy or rent a campervan, it should be equipped to meet your basic needs. Ensure it has amenities such as built-in beds, cooking equipment and lavatories. The van easily doubles up as your hotel room and ride during your voyage.

People are increasingly jumping on the campervan hire trend. It has become simpler and faster to rent one. They are quite wallet-friendly too. Feel free to invite some friends for the trip and split costs further by cost-sharing expenses. That way, you can enjoy the mundane comforts of modern luxuries as you experience the wild outdoors. Before you hire a campervan, here are a few suggestions of the best campervan destinations worth considering.

Yosemite National Park

Covering a vast landscape, this destination boasts expansive and unprecedented scenery. Found in California, USA, Yosemite is one for the books. The Park has magnificently astonishing waterfalls and is home to some of the world’s tallest trees, the towering sequoia. Its deep valleys, streams, and lush meadows also teem with diverse animal and plant life. For a richer experience, a range of different activities are possible here. Backpacking, hiking and even fishing are only a few examples. Visits can be planned during any season, granting for even more diverse and magical experiences. As you plan, consider the climate and your desired activities.

North Coast 500

Located in Scotland, UK, The North Coast 500 route is known for being intriguingly scenic. A sure-fire way to fully enjoy your trip is to cruise through at a relaxed pace. Take time to embrace the coastal landscapes and marvelous Scottish Highlands. You could drift and discover one or two secret destinations along the way while enjoying nature’s finest. The Easter Ross is one such site. It makes for a romantic stopover if you are a couple on holiday. Driving through this route would take about a week. Pack just enough food, water, and personal utilities.

South Africa and Namibia

These African countries present several travel destinations for tourists. Youhavetheoptionoftaking a city drive and doing some sightseeing. Despitetheconstantbuzzofactivity, the trip will allow you to notice and appreciate the native’s different cultures. Cape Town, South Africa, offers some of the most spectacular views of the magnificent Table mountains. For thrill-seekers, turn your excursion into a safari trip. Start breezing your way through famed National parks such as Kruger in South Africa. Slowlydriftingintotheneighbouringcountryof Namibia. The wildlife-rich country might have you sharing roads with elephants. Such a trip will need you to hire a four-wheel-drive campervan to help you tackle the somewhat brutal terrain. A pro tip is to schedule your trip during the dry season.

Ayers Rock Australia

Getting to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, requires you to drive through the remote areas in Central Australia. A journey along Outback Way boasts of heavenly sceneries. The serene inselberg, Uluru, is surrounded abundantly by rock caves, natural springs, and ancient paintings. Makesuretostaylongenoughto catch awe-inspiring and breath-catching sunsets. Stock up on plenty of food, water, and supplies for the long trip. If possible, rent a four-wheel-drive camper van to help navigate the terrain.

Rent a campervan for your next holiday!

A campervan holiday allows you to incorporate a bunch of other activities into the experience. And just like that, your trip becomes more worthwhile and fulfilling.

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