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The Best Books to Understand Bitcoin

You probably wouldn’t dabble in stocks and shares or other financial investment options without some reason and buying Bitcoin should be no exception. Digital currency is something that has increased massively in popularity over recent years and as such, more people than ever are tempted to dabble in investing. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing, people should most definitely ensure that they have a good understanding of it before they commit too much money. Bitcoin and other digital currency options are something that is often changing, so keeping up to date with Bitcoin news and trends is no bad thing either. So what are the best Bitcoin books to make sure your knowledge is as extensive as possible?

The Bitcoin Standard – SaifedeamAmmous

When it comes to Bitcoin books there are people that wouldn’t recommend anything but this book, which covers pretty much everything you could need to know about understanding Bitcoin. Tagged as ‘the decentralized alternative to central banking’ was published in 2018 and has everything needed for someone to have a solid, starting point understanding of Bitcoin and digital currency. It also covers the history of Bitcoin, so that people can understand where it came from and why it is considered important by so many people.

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Cryptoassets – Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

Reading about a subject from someone that has a proven background and knowledge is always a good thing. Cryptoassets was put together by the founder of a Cryptocurrency asset firm, so you can feel confident that they are going to be sharing knowledge that really works. This particular book focuses on what it is like to be an investor in Bitcoin.

The Book Of Satoshi – Phil Champagne

This is a book that takes on a different angle when it shares Bitcoin knowledge and looks at the creator of Bitcoin and where the first digital currency came from. It looks at how they could have created the digital currency and remained anonymous, whilst exploring who they might be. It’s more of a storybook than it is anything factual or advice-giving but it makes an interesting read for those that want to have an understanding of the origins of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin From Beginner to Expert – Christian Newman

This book is recommended for people wanted to get started with Bitcoin and improve their knowledge and skills so that they can be considered an expert in this friend. The great thing about this book is that it goes into the details of the technology behind Blockchain and what it takes to actually invest in digital currency.

Whether you want to read Bitcoin books, use social media or have a website in mind for keeping up to date with news, ensuring that your digital currency knowledge is extensive and up to date gives you the best possible chance of any investments you make being successful. The good news is that finding out everything you could want to know about Bitcoin is pretty easy and these books just make life that little bit easier.


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