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The activist anger that blocked the station is cleared by the jury | UK | News

Rev. Sue Palfit, Father Martin Newell, and former university lecturer Philip Kingston targeted service in Shadwell, eastern London, stopping the other 14 people.

Kingston, 85, glued his hand to the carriage, and Rev. Palfit, 79, and Father Newell, 54, climbed the roof and prayed for the planet before being dragged by commuters. rice field.

A jury at the Inner London Crown Court ruled in October 2019 that he was exercising his right to a peaceful demonstration.

After defeating the statue of slave trader Edward Colston, the four are sentenced shortly after they escape criminal damage.
In Bristol.

Tory Rep. Tom Hunt said:

“Anyone who commits vandalism, damages public property, or obstructs public access such as roads and railroads should be punished.

“It’s a shame to see another case where this wasn’t the case.”

His fellow Tory lawmaker Brendan Clarke Smith added: This exorbitant decision has given a green light to those who are trying to commit horrific crimes of all kinds in the name of religion, in order to justify their extreme political ideology. “

In April 2019, at Canary Wharf, six members of the Extinction Rebellion Group were found acquitted of the same crime.

Extinction Rebellion protesters were also revealed to have caused criminal damage to Shell’s London headquarters last April.

Rev. Purfit said the verdict showed that the protest was “right.” It’s great that the jury has taken the big picture and the court has substantiated our actions, and I hope it inspires others a little. “

The trio say they are motivated by Christian beliefs, and Kingston urges the public and government to protest the future of their four grandchildren, as well as financial institutions associated with the dangers of climate change. He said he did. Meanwhile, a British adiabatic activist who went on a 26-day hunger strike in prison said her time spent “focused” on her movement.

Emmasmart was released yesterday with Dr. Diana Warner of GP, who retired from Sally’s HMP Bronze Field – they were one of six activists imprisoned for violating an injunction against a road protest.

The supporters cheered as Mr. Smart deflated. Four other late British members have left the Tame side prison in southeast London.

The activist anger that blocked the station is cleared by the jury | UK | News

SourceThe activist anger that blocked the station is cleared by the jury | UK | News

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