The 28-year-old woman is engaged to a prisoner she has never met and will not be released until 2032.

The 28-year-old woman is engaged to a prison prisoner she has never met and will not be released until 2032.

Social work graduate Kelly Jacobs writes in a cell at James Wyatt Dentel. Oregon He has been serving for 20 years to shoot four men since 2019.

After many letter, email, and instant messaging conversations, their penpal relationship evolved into romance.

32-year-old Wyatt had some Kelly tattoos-he lives 5,000 miles away Netherlands -Inked his body, including the “K” on his ring finger, while Kelly had the letter “W” tattooed on her.

Defeat the odds: A 28-year-old woman met him through a prisoner’s pen pal program and revealed how he fell into prisoner after forming a bond through video chat.

A happy lover? Originally from the Netherlands, Kelly Jacobs began writing to James’Wyatt’Denter in 2019. He is currently sentenced to 20 years in prison in Oregon for shooting and killing four men.

surprise! Wyatt asked a question from inside the prison on a video call and proposed to Kelly with a “ring made in prison.”

He proposes on a video call and they plan to get married in his prison in October of this year-more than 10 years before his release date.

“He suggested a ring made in jail, but then he had someone in the free world order a ring from a jeweler for me,” said Kelly, who now wants to work in psychiatry after she graduates. Said.

“For weddings I don’t wear traditional flashy dresses because people don’t do it for prison weddings.

“I would probably wear a simple white dress or white trousers or a white skirt and top.”

Surprisingly, Kelly’s parents gave their blessing to the relationship, and when Wyatt is released, the couple plans to live together and have children.

He has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for assault and illegal use of guns during a 2012 bar brawl at the Snake River correctional facility in Oregon.

Kelly explained: “He was with his girlfriend, they were in the bar and were attacked by five strangers. He tried to protect himself and his girlfriend. He pulled a gun and shot four. But no one died. “

A couple has never been to the same room, and even after getting married, they are not allowed to visit because Oregon does not allow them.

“Of course it’s difficult,” Kelly said.

“He is worried that I will not receive the call in the end or I will not wait for him.

“He asks me what he thinks about not having sex for such a long time, he worries about how I would react if someone else flirts with me.

Forever: Wyatt, 32, had some Kelly tattoos on her ring finger, including a “K”, but Kelly had her tattooed the letter “W”.

Meaningful: After proposing a ring made in prison, Wyatt arranged a jeweler outside the prison to design a genuine piece of Kelly.

Communication: The couple talks regularly in video chat, but Kelly says he’s worried that Wyatt might get tired of waiting for him.

“But he says I’m sure I’ll wait because I’m not the kind of person who goes to parties or leads a crazy life.

“If I find out he’s writing to another woman, it’ll end things for me. For me, building a bond with someone else is also cheating.

“When I meet in person for the first time, I sometimes think that I don’t have physical chemistry, but I’m not too worried.

Together: Kelly took some steps to get closer to her fiancé, even lifted her hand against the contours of his bill

“Once the COVID is over, I will approach his prison so that I can visit him as much as possible.

“I had just bought my first ticket to visit him before the pandemic occurred, but I had to cancel due to travel restrictions.”

Kelly, who started writing Wyatt out of curiosity, didn’t expect to find love with a prisoner.

“I used to be an intern at a correctional facility, so I wanted to know more about what prisoners are, how they feel, and what they think.”

At the end of 2019, she joined and selected the corresponding Wyatt.

“I wasn’t noisy, I just chose someone who looked friendly.

“After a while, we made phone calls, made video calls, and started using direct messenger. We were sending messages to each other for hours every day.”

As their communication continued, they began to fall in love.

She said: “I was scared at first, I didn’t want it to go that way, and I tried to fight it, but it felt honestly tortured.

“But we feel like we can talk about almost anything. The smallest random and the deeper, our lives are so different that we learn a lot from each other.

Fear: “He asks me what I think about not having sex for so long, he’s worried about how I would react if someone else flirt with me,” Kelly confesses. did

meant to be?Kelly paints a picture of her and Wyatt, showing what the couple would look like together when they could finally meet.

Future outlook: The couple plans to get married in prison in October of this year-more than 10 years before his release date

“We share a lot of the same tastes about food. We both love Italian and Mexican food.

“And we share a lot of the music we’re listening to, listen to it together, sing messages to each other, and even have a little song together, Miguel’s SureThing. We’re both Game of Thrones.・ I love Thrones.

“After each other’s feelings rose, he first admitted it to me, he was very nervous about it, I could say, but I like I did I said I felt it.

“We talked a lot about it, he explained all the negative aspects of having a relationship with a prisoner, but I said I would like to try it.

“My parents were really shocked at first, but after talking to him several times online, I really liked him.

“They always thought prisoners were aggressive and rude, like on TV, but now they find him soft, warm and good manners. He’s polite, kind and funny. is.”

Before Wyatt suggested, he sought permission from Kelly’s father.

“He wrote to my dad and my dad gave him his blessing. My dad is going to come to the wedding with me,” Kelly said.

“My family and friends really really supported our relationship. I’m lucky.

“My brother is more skeptical about it, he protects me very much, but he hasn’t talked to Wyatt yet. I think things will change if they get the chance to meet. I will. “

Message: In addition to video chat, the couple contacted by email and exchanged dozens of letters in the two years since becoming a pen pal.

Kelly, who lives in Heerlen, the Netherlands, will be close to 40 and 44 by the time Wyatt is released, but the two will start their family as soon as possible.

“I didn’t want to get married or have children before I met him, but now I do,” she said.

“He’s a little worried about becoming an older father, but that’s all possible because my father was his age when my brother was.”

Kelly has received online backlash about her anomalous romance, but she says much of the feedback is positive.

“I received a negative opinion online about it, people say:” How can you be with a criminal? He goes out and kills you. “

“I never tolerate what Wyatt did.

“It was an act of self-defense, but it’s never okay to do what he did, though I sometimes wonder what I do in the presence of him.

“Still, he was sentenced to imprisonment because he chose the wrong path to life.

“But I don’t judge him as his past person. Being a man in jail doesn’t necessarily make someone bad. Being a free man does not necessarily make him a good person. Just as it isn’t. “

The 28-year-old woman is engaged to a prisoner she has never met and will not be released until 2032.

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