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He’s half a musical duo, and his first album was released almost 50 years ago, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has seen tracks streamed over a billion times.

So it’s acceptable to wonder if Daryl Hall is considering selling off his back catalog-many other acts, including Bob Dylan and Calvin Harris, in recent months. I’ve seen it happen in.

But a veteran musician told Sky News that it wasn’t his choice-and if it did, he wouldn’t.

Hall & Oates and John Oates have released You Make My Dreams in vinyl.Photo: Mick Rock

“Oh, in the early days it sold out for me and I didn’t get the money,” he said.

“I publish a bit, but there was a lot of bad business going on in the early days. For that, I’m talking about real rock and roll.”

“Don’t sell publications. If you decide to retire at the age of 80, you can sell publications, but you don’t even suggest it. I don’t believe in the concept. You have That’s all there is. “

Hall speaks after his longest break from a performance to a live audience, forced by a coronavirus pandemic.

He’s so new that he’s having a hard time figuring out how he feels about staying home for months.

“I can’t even explain it. That’s the strangest thing. Since I graduated from college, I’ve traveled the entire adult life around the world and sat in one place with a cat. That’s it. That’s a big deal, “Hall said.

“I drove down the road to my sister’s house. That was my year. It was 2020.

Hall (L) says he and Oats keep out of the way of each other.Photo: Stuartberg
Hall (L) says he and John Oates keep out of the way of each other.Photo: Stuartberg

“As I said, it was an experience because I’ve never done it in my adult life, but no, I didn’t like it.

The hall is scheduled to return to the road in August and has a series of dates across the United States.

He is anxious to get back on stage, but it’s realistic that it may not be easy to adjust.

“I think many people, not just musicians, are having a hard time re-entering the world, and I think what I’m doing is even more exaggerated,” Hall said.

“As you know, I sit with a cat, sit in front of some people, and travel, so it’s going to be a big change that I have to start over.-Adjust yourself.

“People probably don’t realize how much I’m exercising when I’m on stage and playing with vocal cord muscles, leg muscles, and even arm muscles. Any kind of gym exercise Whatever you do, whatever it is, it’s not exactly the same. “

After first meeting in Philadelphia in 1967, Darryl Hall and John Oates have worked together for decades, nominated for six number one singles in the United States, two top 10 albums in the United Kingdom, and three Grammy Awards in Hollywood. Won a star in the Walk of Fame.

But despite doing it all together, Hall is probably surprisingly modest about his relationship with his music partner.

“We try not to get in the way of each other,” Hall explained.

“Ironically, we call the tour company a” two-headed monster. ” Because that’s not what we are. We are not a duo in the classical sense.

“We happen to be two individuals who happen to work together and share this series of work we did together, but they are far enough apart so as not to adversely affect our relationship.”

Fans can get a glimpse of the interesting relationship in the new documentary from the pair.

Hall says he focuses on touring South America for the first time.

“We call it Philadelphia to Chile properly,” he laughed.

“And that’s just a few snapshots of how John and I interact with each other, and it really worked.

“We are now working on putting it out.”

Another release that the duo will soon release is a special press celebrating Record Store Day 2021.

Their blockbuster You Make My Dreams has accumulated over a billion streams and has never been released as a single in the UK, but has been released as a limited edition vinyl.

Hall, who had seen the music industry change completely in his career, is sad to see the end of record stores, but generally says he is benefiting from the rise of technology. say.

“In general, I like browsing. I know I go to a bookstore. I don’t buy books online. I like it. I like opportunities. I’m excited about the loss of a little chance. I like. You need access to things now, they don’t come to you passively.

“That is, if you lose something every time you make a profit, things change and change.

“But the good thing for me is that the gatekeeper was shutting his mouth, because the only way to do that when I started was basically to kiss the program director’s ass. Because, and Payola was rampant and had to deal with arrogant record executives and idiot journalists.

“For me, it makes up for everything else we lost.”

Umake My Dreams Limited Edition 7 “Vinyl will be available online and at participating stores on June 12th.

“That’s all you have”: Daryl Hall on why music artists should think twice about selling catalogs | Ent & Arts News

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