Thalia Upgrades Design Enabler with enhanced ML algorithm –

It provides optimized performance and optimized layout options

May 30, Cologne, Germany – Thalia Design Automation Ltd., a provider of analog and mixed-signal IP reuse platform platforms, today announced that its core Enabled Design product has been enhanced to greatly enhance the value it brings to product development teams for the performance of migration designs optimize and improve. or preserve layout.

An enhanced set of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in Thalia Design Enabler offers the designer the best solution by balancing circuit and layout requirements. The ML algorithms go further to highlight the impact of layout changes, and further simplify effective migration by preserving, enhancing, and validating the topology and floor plan.

Design Enabler is part of the powerful AMALIA IP Reuse Platform that enables the reuse of analog integrated circuits and mixed signals in a cost effective manner. The Agnostic Design Enabling Technology software enables users to efficiently centralize designs after switching from one technology to another.

By quickly identifying a minimum set of devices needed to adjust the design, the number of layout changes required is reduced and performance is improved. With the use of AI and machine learning these software can make significant savings of up to 50% of time and resources.

The new enhancements to the Design Enabler algorithms improve time on market advantages and cost savings by balancing improved design performance with basic layout requirements to present multiple solutions to the designer.

Thalia customer case study provides an example of a 45% reduction in design time using the current Design Enabler:

Thalia has now deployed Machine Learning (ML) across all of its AMALIA platform to analyze waveforms and propose the ideal solution for the designer, based on differential analytics.

Christopher Yates, Vice President of Software Engineering at Thalia, said, “Customers using Design Enabler tell us that they are saving at least half of their original redesign time, and with the improvements we are announcing today, we look forward to seeing our customers immediately. benefits in optimizing their design performance and being able to quickly and easily balance this with the best layout to fit their design. ”

Thalia Upgrades Design Enabler with enhanced ML algorithm –

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