Thailand: Man said he ‘stabbed’ victim, but CCTV caught drunken rampage

Daniel Nolan, from Southampton, claimed that taxi drivers stabbed him while he was out clubbing (Photo: ViralPress)

A British man is being prosecuted in Thailand after claiming he was stabbed by taxi drivers when he was actually injured drunk on a wall.

Daniel Nolan, from Southampton, told police he was attacked while clubbing in Chiang Mai last week.

The 30-year-old claimed it left him with a large gash on his stomach and a torn tendon on his hand. He also said he lost his phone which could have been stolen.

Detectives launched an investigation to find the alleged attackers, but there was no sign of them on CCTV cameras.

They began to doubt Daniel’s story when he did not answer basic questions about the ‘attack’ before they found security footage that undermined his testimony.

Footage shows a drunken foreign man climbing through the courtyard of a coffee shop before scaling the fence and leaving behind bloodstains.

He is said to have broken several pipes while climbing the wall, which had pieces of glass on top to deter intruders.

Daniel Nolan can be seen on CCTV footage in the early hours (Image: ViralPress)
Daniel Nolan talks to Thai police from his hospital bed in Chiang Mai (Photo: ViralPress)
Daniel Nolan’s injuries were documented by Thai police as they tried to hunt down his ‘attackers’ (Photo: ViralPress)

Owner Chakrabhand Thiphayamonthon, 60, said: ‘The tourist was in a state of extreme intoxication. He called at the Three Kings Monument and was asked to leave by a security guard.

‘He ran to a motorcycle shop and was taken away. Then suddenly he started climbing my house wall which is 6.5ft high and had glass spikes. My cousin saw him walking himself.

‘There was blood everywhere so I think he got hurt while climbing. No one chased him and he even dropped his phone at my house. I will not file a complaint, because there was hardly any damage to my house.’

Major General Thawatchai Pongwiwattanachai said the tourist’s ‘lie’ damaged the province’s public image and promised to investigate.

The British tourist left bloodstains on the wall (Image: ViralPress)
CCTV footage undermined the tourist’s testimony (Image: ViralPress)

‘Making a false police report is also a crime and if the holidaymaker has done that on purpose, he will be prosecuted’, the police chief added.

‘He made very serious allegations which the police investigated in good faith and spent time working on.’

A police spokesman said officers also found Daniel’s phone, which was not stolen.

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Thailand: Man said he 'stabbed' victim, but CCTV caught drunken rampage

Source link Thailand: Man said he 'stabbed' victim, but CCTV caught drunken rampage

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