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Tevent Raises $ 2 Million Seed Round From Silicon Valley Investors to Provide Interactive Virtual Event Platform

The team behind Tevent aims to create dynamic, engaging and sustainable virtual events to build a sociable and connected future through its interactive platform.

09 March 2022, London, UKTevent, a virtual event technology platform, raised $ 2 million (£ 1.5 million) during its series of initial funding rounds to support its product development. The company has secured significant financial support from key Silicon Valley investors, including Leslie Stretch CEO of Medallia, co-founder of; Rory Cameron vice president of Medallia; Jimmy Duan CCO at Medallia; Shreesha Ramdas, co-founder of Strikedeck; and Nathalie Scardino SVP of Salesforce.

The company will use the investment to scale its platform to meet increasing demand and double the speed of product development by focusing on serving particular use cases and more niche segments and developing a mobile app and app. desktop. The funding would also allow Tevent to continue innovating with amazing features like fun app integrations, multicast, API and automation.

The growing inclination towards virtual events globally and the emergence of live streaming are factors driving the demand for virtual event software. Virtual events have gained popularity especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pushed by the blocks, organizations have resorted to conducting virtual events. It was also noted that 90% of companies still consider hosting virtual events despite permitted live events. In fact, according to Verified market researchthe global market size of the virtual events platform was valued at $ 9.03 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $ 22.75 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 12.24% from 2021 to 2028.

Ahmed Amer, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tevent, comments,

Our mission is to create engaging, accessible and sustainable connections. Tevent gives you the tools to create engaging virtual events that facilitate meaningful interactions and lasting connections. We are working to make remote control a viable alternative and build a sociable, sustainable and connected future. “

Currently, Tevent is gearing up for a Series A round where the fund will be used to launch Tevent into the broader market as the company expects growing growth and marketing efforts in the UK, US and further across Europe.

The how and why behind Tevent

Founded in March 2020 by longtime friends Ahmed Amer and Alex Dobson, Tevent was started entirely remotely as an organic response to the unsustainability of the events landscape amid the pandemic. It was conceived, designed and even launched without ever being in the same room. Drawing on their experience, Amer informed the purpose, while Dobson made it tangible.

“We all know that the environment is affected by physical events. But if they are irreplaceable, it doesn’t matter, until it’s too late. We are not here to devalue physical opportunities; We are more interested in improving the remote ones. Only in this way will we be able to reap the benefits of sustainability, access and convenience. Rightfully so, the virtual is here to stay. We are providing you with the tools to make it feasible “, Amer shared.

Tevent launched its public early access beta product at the end of August 2021 and began marketing it in November 2021. Since then, they have been short on 1000 subscriptions. In 2022, they generated 675 signups, and traction has started growing now as they garnered 416 additional signups in February 2022. This is also a compound monthly growth rate (CMGR) of 30%.

Tevent was created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are currently unable to access dedicated virtual event platforms due to cost and technical barriers. Entrepreneurs and companies can host dynamic events and collaborate with ease. They can showcase their branding and thought leadership, generate leads, with super engaging webinars and outside-facing discussions.

Influencers and creators can also use Tevent for their community engagements and interactive podcast content type.

Virtual events made easy, engaging, convenient and fun

Tevent’s goal is to make virtual platforms not only a viable but an exciting option. It makes engaging virtual meetings disruptive, accessible, frictionless, and fun.

Using the platform, users can host webinars and build a community around their brand in just a few clicks. It is accessible that anyone can organize events with no technical knowledge required: one-click equity assets and frictionless registration. It’s also flexible, transparent, and affordable, as all features are included in their free plan as well.

It is also designed to bring back the sociability, arousal, and spontaneity that were taken for granted in physical events. Attendees can navigate a lively, vibrant space with customizable session formats and stay connected with a full level of social networking for group chats, meetings and more. It has a feature called “Spaces”, a feature-rich permanent hub for bringing a community together. It offers deeply integrated social media style networking like Linkedin where you can schedule meetings, add contacts, create group chats and calls on the fly, send GIFs and much more.

The platform is also super immersive, with a people-centric design that gives an unparalleled sense of life and spontaneity, making fun virtual and natural, not an awkward task. It has customizable room layouts that allow for a multitude of formats taken for granted with physical events.

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Tevent Labs Secures £ 1.50m Investment From Angelic Investors – UK Technology Investment News

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