Tesla is facing a new employee discrimination claim

They say Tesla has been turned into “a racially hostile work environment.” Of course, such a proposal. They say the use of the N-word is commonplace and goes unpunished. And these black staff usually don’t pay attention to the promotion.

One says that after he complained, his boss told him: “Suck it and be a man, it happens here all the time.”

Attorney Mike Arias says, “It’s hard to imagine the workplace culture these hard-working people have to endure day in and day out with racist comments and abusive behavior.”

He added: “It is still almost unbelievable to hear story after story of staff being subjected to this level of disgusting and threatening behavior and language.”

Is this the first lawsuit Tesla has faced?

Oh no. Tesla draws complaints. On the one hand, this is what happens to large companies with tens of thousands of employees – Tesla has about 100,000. But there is a feeling that in Elon MuskThe drive to deliver results overlooks some of the things that large companies should be dealing with.

Earlier this year, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) sued Tesla, alleging that its Fremont factory is a “racially segregated environment where black workers are subject to racial slurs and discrimination.”

Tesla is also under investigation by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

One of the plaintiffs claims he was fired simply for reporting racial discrimination.

He lost a racial harassment case against Owen Diaz last year, a $137 million award that was later reduced to $15 million, which Diaz can appeal. In March, Business Insider reported that 46 lawsuits accusing Tesla of sexual or racial harassment had been filed over the past five years.

137 million dollars!!

This is America. The point of such high rewards is that they are punitive. They are supposed to act as a shock to the company, a sign that it really needs to change its behavior. The original amount is usually reduced, as in that case.

How valuable is a Tesla?

Shares have risen significantly since the start of the pandemic, in part due to the realization that electric cars are the future. It was also a meme rally that a new breed of investors flocked to. Recently, the gloss has gone out of stock.

Two years ago, Tesla was worth $1.3 trillion, now it’s about half that.

Sales have been falling of late, falling 18% in the most recent quarter, which could be attributed to supply chain issues rather than a drop in interest in the cars.

What does Tesla say? Nothing yet on this last claim.

But it insisted in a company blog post last February that it strongly opposes all forms of discrimination and harassment and has a dedicated employee relations team to respond to and investigate all complaints.

That blog is here:

Tesla is facing a new employee discrimination claim

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