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The story of a secret bunker under an underground station where top-notch surgeons perform illegal surgery may seem tremendous.

But Temple Star Mark Strong says the show back in the second series is a great example of television that isn’t really trying to be “ridiculous.”

The actor told Sky News backstage podcasts that the drama, which he’s also an executive producer, feels very classic, especially when compared to the latest Netflix mega-hits and other shows. Squid game..

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“I was so absorbed in watching squid games with my sons who were dying to watch squid games, and I didn’t know how violent it would be,” he says. “I thought it was a kind of interesting thread, but since I’ve watched a lot of TV over the last few years, it’s fascinating that TV somehow feels such a ridiculous need.

“What I like about Temple is … I think it’s old-fashioned storytelling in the sense that it burns slowly. If you stick to it, you can really enjoy the character and its destination. And we fireworks Did it without needing.

“I’m not saying there’s something wrong with the squid game, but my favorite is this traditionally made. Beautiful shots, great lighting, great performance, and the story you want more. is. “”

In Temple’s new series, it must be taken into account that strong character Daniel Milton made an ethically questionable decision in Season 1.

(LR): Michael Smiley, Mark Strong and Daniel Mays are back in Temple, Series 2. Photo: Sky UK

According to Strong, it also works with Gabby, a new character played by Rhys Ifans, an underworld fixer who poses “threats and threats.”

“TV eats a synopsis, you know, its stories, stories, stories-that’s what TV is good at. Movies are a little different,” he says. “In the movie, you can wander around, take pictures of the trees, play nice music, and then go back to action. Everyone buys it because they are sitting in the cinema and have no remote control. On TV, people love stories, stories, stories, and that’s what Rhys offers.

“He comes in a bit, you have to be the guy he’s pulling on, and the story with him is really cool.”

Rhys Ifans as Gabby and Mark Strong as Daniel Milton in Temple Series 2. Photo: Sky UK
Rhys Ifans, depicted with Strong, joined the cast as a mysterious Gabby. Photo: Sky UK

Mark Strong as Daniel Milton and Daniel Mays as Lee Simmons on the Temple. Photo: Sky UK / Ludovic Robert
The show sees the star performing illegal operations under the Temple subway station. Photo: Sky UK / Ludovic Robert

Strong co-star Daniel maysPlaying Doomsday Preparer Lee Simmons, both Ifan and his character, who live in the same criminal underworld as the Series 1 characters, agreed to be a welcome addition to the show.

“We literally just pulled this new character out of the air, right? As you know, it makes perfect sense to have dealt with this character in the past, but in Season 1 we’ve actually seen it. No, “he says.

“Gabby is this very dark, mysterious and very dangerous person, and I think Squirrel is such an amazing actor and an amazing new element of the show. It’s great to have him on board. is.”

As with many shows, due to a pandemic, production at the Temple was stopped in 2020. As one of the first people to get up and work, Maze says it was a great relief to be back on the set and back to work.

“There were a lot of PCR tests and social distances, so it felt like another ball game in that respect,” he says. “But it was just exciting to be given the opportunity to come back and re-examine these characters and take them on a whole new journey. I’m really grateful.”

And COVID plays a big role in the life of an actor. Despite appearing primarily in shows under subway stations, neither has actually gone underground since the first blockade in March 2020.

Ironically, Strong says it looks a lot like a Maze character who doesn’t feel he can go to the ground. “It’s very visionary, I think a lot of people are working on what they now feel comfortable going back to,” he says.

“One of them is a very packed subway for me. I use it back to the subway because it’s a way to get around London, but for now it feels a bit strange because I’m trained. For a long time to avoid space that can be infected with COVID. “

Maze says the job requirement means that he is advised not to get on the train.

“It’s like a taxi anytime, anywhere because many productions don’t want you to travel by tube because of COVID risk-but it’s life for now.”

Temple returns to Skymax and Streaming Services on October 28-Hearing from Stars, Review of the Second Series of the Latest Episodes Backstage, Sky News Movies and TV Podcasts

Temple Stars Mark Strong and Daniel Mays Catch Up With Sky News Behind-the-Scenes Podcasts | Ent & Arts News

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