Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham arrested on suspicion of beating guards

Reality star Farrah Abraham He was allegedly arrested after slapping a guard at a nightclub in Los Angeles over the weekend.

former Teen Mom According to law enforcement sources, the 30-year-old star was detained and then released early on Sunday morning. TMZ..

The video obtained by this publication shows that Fara was handcuffed by two police officers and led to a police car. You won’t hit anyone. “

The star later posted a silent video on her Instagram account, showing that she was detained on the ground by a man who looked like a security guard. Setup, setup, recording, video sales “.

Farrah Abraham gained fame after appearing on MTV’s Teen Mom

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She added: “I thank the HOLLYWOOD police for saving me from being detained and attacked against my will.

“I’m happy to be able to go to church today. I realized that it’s no longer safe for women to eat out in their neighborhood.

“I’m looking forward to my law degree and I’m looking forward to the courtroom. Justice will be served as usual.

“Women are the dreaded and dangerous world we live in, act on your rights and always take care of others, even if everyone hurt or attacks you.”

Fara posted her video behind being held down on the street

“You are resilient, stronger than all the vulnerable, traumatic and traumatic,” she continued.

Fara also captioned “Never Again” before posting a photo of the bruise on her arm with the captions “I was bruised at dinner” and “Stop attacking and injuring women.” I attached and posted my video on the ground.

understood! I contacted Fara’s representative for further comments.

Fara posted a bruise inflicted during the incident

Fara posted a photo entitled “Stop Attacking and Hurting Females”

This isn’t the first time a star has brushed the police-in 2018, Fara was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a battle at a hotel in Beverly Hills ..

The star first appeared on MTV’s hits 16 and Pregnant in 2009. After that, he appeared in the spin-off series Teen Mom, recording his life with a young child.

Her daughter, Sophia, who starred with her at the show, is now 12 years old and regularly appears with her mother on social media posts.

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham arrested on suspicion of beating guards

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