Teen mom Kairin Laurie “tell others to turn off f ** k” after accusing Brianna de Jesus of “f ** king” of ex-Chris Lopez. Prompt

Teen Mom star Kairin Raleigh told fans “f * to others” after Brianna Dejes accused her baby dad, Chris Lopez, of “f ** king” during her visit to Miami. * I posted a message urging me to turn off k.

The 29-year-old MTV star didn’t include any additional context in the post, so it’s unclear if it was about her feud with Brianna.


Kailyn Lowry posted a message about being able to “tell others to turn off f ** k”Credit: Instagram / @kaillowry


The post is in the middle of a drama with Brianna Dejes and Kale’s baby dad, Chris Lopez.

Kailyn shared a post via Instagram Story. “You are a kind person with a good heart, but you can tell people to be offended when you need them.”

Kale recently accused her MTV co-star ‘f ** king’ of Chris, She shares Creed with her son Lux.

She claimed during a defamation proceeding against Brianna, in which Chris was also involved.

Brianna Counterattack the claim, We weekly In the statement: “No, I didn’t.”

Kail responded to questions from fans and insisted on the Instagram story.

Brianna was also romantically linked to Habi Marokin, another source of Kale she previously shared her child with.

Mama drama

But the drama between herself and Brianna is not the only battle in Kale’s life at this time.

She recently Counterattack critics Online accusing her of “black fishing” or blackening her skin.

The accusation came after she posted her freshly made photo online.

Her skin looked much tanned than usual, but some fans seemed to believe it was due to the design.

Kale dealt with hatred through her Instagram story — the same place she posted the photo.

She spoke directly to the fans in the video, showing her much brighter look, saying, “I’m here to tell everyone that this is exactly the same makeup I posted this morning.”

“It was done this morning, I had a filter on it, and it’s TV makeup,” she explained.

“Today I posted Lille from Baby Mamas No Drama. It was my regular daily makeup, and it literally looks like I’m not wearing makeup.

“This is a TV make-up that is faded and invisible.

“So, between that and the filter, I promise you guys, I’m not trying to be anything I’m not. It was just makeup and filters.

“So I don’t know if you like to grow.”

The selfies Kail referenced were posted to her Instagram story and shared with Reddit. There, users accused her of darkening her skin, and some called her “orange.”

A Reddit poster says, “Why does she look like a high school student when she covers her entire face with a covergirl loose powder bronzer?”

Another comment: “If you’re from Delaware, why are you orange?” In favor of the movie “Mean Girls.”

The third person wrote as follows.

One supporter said, “I think she looks pretty.”

Court case

In June, Kale accused the co-star of “physically beating Christopher Lopez, the father of Raleigh’s two sons, and invading and invading Mr. Lopez’s mother’s house.” I sued Brianna for defamation.

According to court documents, Sun can exclusively confirm that the two will face each other in court in January.

The hearing will be centered around Brianna’s anti-SLAPP movement, which protects human freedom of speech. She submitted it in August.

Kale was excluded from the June episode of Teen Mom 2. Brianna claimed at the time that she “due to committing a violent and physical crime against Mr. Lopez.”

“The defendant also claimed that Raleigh was arrested for breaking into Mr. Lopez’s mother’s house.”

Kale denied she did it.

she Brianna sued for $ 30,000, Reasonable fees, and attorney fees. She also asked for a jury trial.

Chris I was dragged into the drama After he was subpoenaed, as the sun previously reported.


Kale recently claimed that Brianna had “counterfeited” Chris during her trip to Miami.Credit: Instagram / @ _ brianadejesus


Chris was captured during a court battle between Kale and BriannaCredits: Social Media-See Source


Kale shares two of his four sons with ChrisCredit: Instagram
Teen mom Kailyn Lowry accuses black fish accusations and tells fans to “grow” after darkening their skin with a new selfie

Teen mom Kairin Laurie “tell others to turn off f ** k” after accusing Brianna de Jesus of “f ** king” of ex-Chris Lopez. Prompt

Source link Teen mom Kairin Laurie “tell others to turn off f ** k” after accusing Brianna de Jesus of “f ** king” of ex-Chris Lopez. Prompt

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