Technology companies dominate the list of the best places to work in the UK

Technology companies dominated the list of top places to work in the UK in 2022, with US workflow software company ServiceNow at the top.

According to job review site Glassdoor’s, tech companies make up 19 of the top 50 rewarding companies. Annual ranking.. This trend is even more prevalent in the top 10, with seven tech companies, including Salesforce and Adobe, making cuts.

According to Glassdoor, the location is determined by the company’s “focus on flexibility” An approach to work-life balance, good corporate culture, and good career growth. “

ServiceNow, a California-based SaaS company, was officially selected as one of the UK’s most rewarding places in 2022, citing “great culture, potential opportunities, and excellent training” as reasons for the award. For the first time in the company Opened London office In 2019, I made a list.

“Glassdoor’s 14th Annual Employee Choice Awards winner and honoring a rewarding company in the UK in 2022 will never be on the annual list of winners, especially for companies that have never been on the list of winners. It’s not a small feat, “Glassdoor adds.

The top 10 locations for Glassdoor working in the UK in 2022 are:

  1. ServiceNow – Develop a cloud computing platform to help businesses manage digital workflows for enterprise operations.
  2. AND digital – Work with your organization to accelerate digital delivery, from defining digital strategies to building digital products.
  3. Salesforce – A cloud computing company that develops CRM solutions and provides business software on a subscription basis.
  4. Immediate Media Company – Provides cross-media publishing services.
  5. Abcam – Assist life scientists with biological reagents and tools essential for research, drug discovery and diagnosis.
  6. McKinsey & Company – A global management consulting firm and advisor to companies, governments and institutions.
  7. Adobe – A software company that provides users with digital marketing and media solutions.
  8. VMware – A software company that provides cloud and virtualization services that enhance complex digital infrastructure.
  9. arm – Silicon IP and custom SoC providers
  10. Meta – Social technology companies

Elsewhere, London-based FinTech Wise London-listed public company 20th place last year.

“Our people had a lot to do last year, including dealing with brand changes, listings, pandemics, etc. So it’s very big for the business to know that Wizards enjoys working here. It’s a compliment, “said senior Haley Bukkar. Team leader of Wise people. “It’s just to prove that we can do great things and at the same time take good care of each other.”

Other industries that stand out in the Top 50 include finance, manufacturing, travel, tourism, construction, media, retail and restaurants.

Technology companies dominate the list of the best places to work in the UK

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