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Tech has transformed iGaming into a multi-billion-pound business

Few industries in the United Kingdom have been impacted quite as much in recent years as sports betting. The habits of bettors from just a generation ago are almost unrecognisable to how today’s sports fans gamble on their favourite teams, competitions and players. The aim is the same – to beat the bookies.

The popular sports remain the same as they have for over a century – horse racing, greyhounds and football. But the way wagers are made couldn’t be any different.

Technology has dragged the UK gambling industry into the 21st century, helping to create a multi-billion-pound industry. The UK gambling market is estimated to be worth £14.3 billion a year and employs almost 100,000 workers. Bookies pay a 15% levy on their earnings which made the UK government almost £3 billion in taxes.

Gamblers want the best service, and they want it now. That means bookies must come to them and use the internet as the quickest route. Link Building Services in the UK help firms rank on search engines and force betting apps higher up the list than the competition. A bookie was once popular due to its location on the high street. Now it’s popular due to its location on Google.

Smartphone apps put the customer in charge

It may seem strange to think now that just 20 years ago, the majority of bets placed in the UK were made on paper at high street betting offices, paid for in cash, with winnings paid in notes. To back a prediction on football, for example, a bettor would travel to their nearest bookmaker, which could be miles away, write out their bets on a slip with a strangely small ballpoint pen, then hand that slip and the cash to cover their stake to a cashier.

In most cases, dozens of punters wanted to make their bets at the same time, so there would be a rush to get the bet struck before the advertised start time. Approach the counter a second after the start, and your slip would be rejected. It’s something experienced gamblers take for granted and remember well but a process that must seem prehistoric to today’s technically savvy sports fan.

Sports bets are now made from the comfort of the gambler’s home using desktop computers or when on the move with smartphone apps. There’s no need to brave the weather. Bets can be made on a wide range of sports and markets with a single click. These wagers are paid for, not with paper money, but through modern payment methods, including debit cards and e-wallets. Deposits are instant, allowing you to transfer funds between accounts and bet without delay. Winnings are dealt with in a similar fashion, sent back to your chosen card quickly and securely.

Take advantage of a competitive industry

The practice of rushing to make the start time of a match, fight or race is also dead and buried. Pre-game betting odds are available, and when a match begins, the markets and odds change to in-play. Bet on a Premier League clash before kick-off or at any time during the contest. The original markets remain live, with an in-play trader updating the odds to reflect the score and flow of play.

Online betting in the United Kingdom is one of the fastest-growing and most fierce industries in business. The most successful sites are vying for the attention of bettors, offering generous odds, huge welcome bonuses and even free bets in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. It’s a difficult time to be a  better but an excellent time to be a bettor. A time to take advantage and get the best, the most modern betting experience that’s ever been available.


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