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University Academy 92 (UA92) introduces an innovative benefits package designed to give young people with disadvantaged backgrounds access to higher education.

Inspired by Marcus Rashford’s free school lunch campaign and UA92’s unique vision of making higher education available to everyone, UA92 has created a free £ 5,000 support package for educational essentials.

With the help of partners Microsoft, TalkTalk, etc., the package includes a laptop, unlimited data, a trip to UA92, a year-round lunch, a home starter voucher, and the basics a student needs to succeed. Support is provided.

Gary Neville, co-founder of UA92, commented:

“Sadly, young people in areas with severe financial deprivation often miss the opportunity to continue their education, so we decided to develop a support package for those who really need it. I was enthusiastic.

“We have worked with our partners to create the Make It For Real initiative to provide more young people with the opportunity to continue and prosper, regardless of traditional barriers.”

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Sara Prowse, CEO of UA92, said: “Our Make It For Real initiative underpins the principles of accessibility, social mobility and inclusiveness of UA92.

“Currently, only 26% of students who are eligible for a free school lunch go on to higher education, but 45% of students who do not have a free school lunch. This gap is the highest since 2006. is.

“These statistics reveal that more can be done to help young people with disadvantaged backgrounds. For many, continuing education beyond compulsory education is out of reach. , Or is considered inaccessible.

“This package is designed to help these young people rethink higher education and provides some foundation for successful, cost-forgettable learning.”

UA92 has partnered with many brands to offer Make It For Real packages. Students eligible for the grant will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop, 3 years of unlimited TalkTalk data, a Co-op lunch voucher (5 days a week, 52 weeks of the year during the course), and a £ 150 Dunelm home voucher. I will receive it. Free trip to go to UA92.

This package is available to UA92 students enrolling after November. To qualify, students must currently have a free school lunch or have received it at school or college last year. The Make It For Real package is available for the current intake of undergraduate students applying through UCAS.

The campaign pervades every corner of the UK and focuses on the first revitalization through the Manchester community.

For more information on the Make It For Real Support Package and how to apply, please visit

Tech Giant is affiliated with UA92 University

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