Team GB Men’s 4x100m Olympic Relay-Best Moments, Button Drops and Disqualification

Men’s 4x100m relays have been dominated by the United States at the Olympics.

But baton drops and failed passes are plagued Team GB.. This is how they have progressed over the years.


Mark Lewis Francis crossed the line in front of the U.S. team to win a gold medal in Athens in 2004Credit: Reuters

What was the biggest moment of the team’s GB at the Olympic 4x100m relay?

As a record holder and 15-time winner, the US team participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics as a favorite.

But Team GB Headed for Greece Trying to break the dominance of their great rivals.

The American team boasted a 100m gold medal Justin Gatlin, 100-meter bronze medalist Maurice Greene and 200-meter champion Shawn Crawford.

Team GB was unable to advance the runners to the 100m and 200m finals in Athens, resulting in a large underdog.

The drama was developed with GB and US attracted to each other in the heat.

Crawford and Green, Darvis Patton and Coby Miller brought the baton home with a time of 38.02, while GB Jason Gardener, Darren Campbell, Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis Francis dragged at 38.53. This is the best of the season.

The United States has brought in a big gun for the final to replace Patton with the newly crowned 100m champion Gatlin.

The unchanged British team lined up in Lane 3 and the United States looked in Lane 5.

The gardener made a false start against him, ran the first dazzling turn and handed it over to Campbell’s neck with Crawford.

Gatlin’s second round of the storm seemed to lead the United States early on, but the disastrous change to Miller made GB sneak forward.

With the perfect final change from Devonish to Francis Ruiz, Britain headed straight to the finish with a slight lead.

However, Francis Ruiz took on the role of former world champion Green. Green chased him to the finish line.

It was a squeaky bum time when the two crossed the line together, but the Luis-Francis dip first pushed his chest over the line-winning in 0.01 seconds.

How many times did Team GB win the Olympics?

The victory in Athens was only the second victory for Team GB at 4×100 meters.

Their last victory came when the race was first contested at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

British David Jacobs, Henry Macintosh, Willie Applegarth and Victor d’Arcy raced home in 42.4 seconds.

Neither the United Kingdom nor the United States have won medals at this event since 2004.


Adam Gemili reacts when Team GB is disqualified after a disastrous change in London 2012.Credits: Olympic pool

How many times has the UK been disqualified from the 4x100m relay at the Olympics?

Button fails

The broadcast record of the British disaster began in 1996 when third leg runner Darren Campbell dropped the baton in the final form of Linford Christie.

The team of hurdles Tony Jarrett, Darren Braithwaite, Campbell and Ous Dako failed to advance to the finals brought by 1992 100-meter Olympic champion Christie for the gold medal.

Illegal switching

Britain suffered two illegal shifts at the 2000 Olympics as Allyn Condon and Jason Gardener failed their first baton exchange with Marlon Devonish. Dwain Chambers Create a third mess.

The same disaster struck an Englishman in Beijing in 2008, eight years later.

The teams of Simeon Williamson, Tyrone Edgar, Devonish and Craig Pickering did not move forward from the heat because the fourth runner’s pickering was too early to receive the baton in the designated area.

At the 2012 home game in London, the British were expected to win a medal in the relay.

However, Christian Malcolm, Dwain Chambers, Danny Talbot and Adam Gemili couldn’t turn the baton safely because Gemili left too early on the last leg.

Who is on Team GB’s 2021 Olympic Relay Team?

So can Team GB repeat the success of Athens 17 years later?

It is CJ Uja who is taking the baton in Tokyo. Zanell Hughes, Reece Prescod, Adam Jemili, Richard Kilty, Nethaneel Mitchell Break And Jona Efoloko.

This team is already enjoying success Uja, Jemili, Talbot, Mitchell Break Landing gold London 2017 World Champion, Jemili, Hughes, Kirty, Mitchell Break Take silver and Doha 2019..

Britain defeats the United States to win the 4x100m relay as Usain Bolt raises the injured at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics

Team GB Men’s 4x100m Olympic Relay-Best Moments, Button Drops and Disqualification

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