Teacher Wellbeing App Hopes to Be a “Virtual Personal Room”

A new platform for teacher wellbeing hopes to be something of an antidote to staff weighed down by work-related stress and pressure.

The Above and beyond the app – developed by former principal Alison Kriel – hopes to bring teachers together to support their daily successes, share struggles and seek support.

Kriel was the principal of a Hackney elementary school, helping to transform the school from one of London’s worst performances to one of its educational success stories. For her, investing in the well-being of teachers is the action with the greatest impact.

Citing a NASUWT survey released in February 2022 that found 91% of teachers surveyed said work negatively impacted their mental health, the new platform hopes to fight this with a place for teachers to support their successes. . There is too little time to take stock of results and support teacher well-being, Kriel says, with school assessments and inspections often just on the horizon.

Alison Kriel is a former principal of a Hackney elementary school

Alison hopes it can become a virtual personal room where teachers can “meet, talk about what went well or what didn’t, and cheer each other up.” She says that Twitter and Instagram “come with all the wider pressures, negativity and ‘always on’ nature,” adding that the Above and Beyond platform is only accessible to teachers and students.

The platform states that “anyone who has worked in a school knows that there is so much hard work being done every day, it just doesn’t show up in external reports or rankings. There is so much to learn, empathize and show off every day ”.

Provides groups for specialist topics, such as conservation, diversity and inclusion, and forums for principals. It also shares regular podcasts, virtual events, and networking opportunities.

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Teacher Wellbeing App Hopes to Be a “Virtual Personal Room”

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