Teacher Tech Summit 2022: The world’s largest EdTech summit connects teachers and technologists to enhance learning

From 25-26 March 2022, T4 Education will hold the 2nd Annual Teacher Technology Summit, the world’s largest EdTech Summit hosted in partnership with the World Bank and Owl Ventures in partnership with Lemann Foundation, HP, EdTech Hub, Scholastic, Cambridge Partnership for Education, D2L, SEK and Camino Education.
The 2022 Teacher Tech Summit will bring together tens of thousands of teachers, technology entrepreneurs, governments and academics from around the world to build a shared understanding of the potential of technology in education, accelerate innovation, share best practices, and secure lessons from yes. learn about the pandemic. COVID has catapulted EdTech into global limelight almost overnight to keep students learning while classrooms are closed, but now, as the world begins to emerge on the other side, the summit stops to place the fundamental question: what works?

To answer this question, the Teacher Tech Summit will connect teachers with technologists to create meaningful dialogue between those who create the technology tools and those on the coal face of education who need effective technology to help bridge the gap. the learning gap widened by the largest global education crisis I have ever faced.

The two-day virtual event will feature contributions from leading global figures in education and technology, debates, fireplace chats, teacher masterclasses and panel discussions on the biggest questions in the EdTech world.

Jaime Saavedra, Global Director of Education at the World Bank, said:

“The learning experience will only improve with richer and more impactful interactions between teachers and students. Teachers shape the future of students every day and, through that, shape the future of nations. The Teacher Tech Summit is the opportunity to continue to build that future “.

Denis Mizne, CEO of the Lemann Foundation, said:

“EdTech is a valuable tool for us in our work to fill learning gaps and increase literacy in Brazil. The Lemann Foundation is connecting Brazilian EdTech entrepreneurs and public school networks to have technology as a tool to reduce learning inequalities. We have found that these tools are most effective when teachers and technology companies work side by side which is why, bringing both together, the Teacher Tech Summit is such a vital initiative. “

Mayank Dhingra, Senior Education Business Leader for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe at HP, said:

“Educators are under tremendous pressure to quickly change the way they teach, as they transition to hybrid models of in-person and online learning. Not only do they need the right physical devices, but they also need expert guidance on all of them. aspects related to the shift to digital learning, from IT consulting, to digital learning courses and more. I am proud to point out that HP is committed to delivering better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025. Having worked both in education and technology, I have seen firsthand what can be achieved when teachers and technology companies come together. EdTech has the power to improve learning outcomes, create a level playing field, inspire creativity and empower teachers to devote more time to teaching “.

Verna Lalbeharie, Executive Director of EdTech Hub, said:

“The entire school community, and especially students, benefit enormously from integrating technology into the education system. When you create a platform, such as the Teacher Tech Summit, that allows teachers to share best practices for integrating technology into curricula, you are laying the groundwork for every student to meet their needs, regardless of the circumstances. “

Dr Duriya Aziz, Senior Vice President and Editor for Education, at Scholastic (International) said:

“Every child deserves equal access to digital tools that are becoming increasingly important in classrooms around the world. To achieve this, it is imperative that companies like Scholastic work with those teachers at the heart of education and with governments seeking to improve educational outcomes in their countries to find solutions to increase access to the tools they receive. students need to learn “.

Jane Mann, chief executive of Cambridge Partnership for Education, said:

“COVID has cost the world’s children too many learning days. If we are to prevent these educational gaps from deepening, then it will take everyone working in partnership to improve education systems around the world. Technology has a vital role to play in this, and by bringing governments, teachers and technology companies together, the Teacher Tech Summit will help spark conversations that are so vital to transforming education. “

Nieves Segovia, President of the SEK Education Group, said:

“At Camilo José Cela University we promote the use of technologies for the common good. That is why we are organizing a technology challenge for schools around the world to recognize initiatives where technology has contributed to the resolution of a challenge linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are delighted to announce the winner of the UCJC Global Prize for Schools live at the Teacher Tech Summit. “

John Baker, CEO of D2L, said:

“Technology can help us humanize and personalize education. If we can help students learn in a way that meets their unique needs and at their own pace, I believe we can help every child unlock their full potential. The Teacher Tech Summit is a great opportunity to bring together leaders, educators and policy makers to share ideas, identify new approaches and advance learning for students of today, tomorrow and for generations to come. “

Vikas Pota, founder of T4 Education and the Teacher Tech Summit, said:

“In all the conferences I have been to around the world, I have never seen a teacher invited to take part in the discussion on EdTech. You always see politicians, CEOs, tech entrepreneurs and investors. But it is the teachers who are at the forefront, providing education to the next generation. If governments and tech companies want to know what works in classrooms, they need to listen to teachers. And if they do, we will be able to make better use of the right EdTech to improve education. “

Amit A. Patel, chief executive of Owl Ventures, said:

“We are thrilled to bring together a global audience of educators, policy makers, academic researchers, EdTech entrepreneurs and funders to engage in conversations about the global state of education. Connections between leaders across the education community will be instrumental in driving innovation in the field and we look forward to building that platform in partnership with T4 Education and The World Bank. “

The Teacher Tech Summit 2022 is free by registering at:

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Teacher Tech Summit 2022: The world’s largest EdTech summit connects teachers and technologists to enhance learning

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