Taylor Swift’s biggest celebrity feud blaming Damon Albarn in comments

Taylor Swift This week, we responded to comments on the songwriting of Blur frontman Damon Albarn.

In an interview with LA TimesDamon replied to a comment made by the interviewer that Taylor Swift was a good songwriter, claiming that she didn’t write her own song.

When the interviewer said Taylor Swift was co-authoring her song, Alblanc replied: I’m just saying that there is a big difference between songwriters and songwriters. “

Taylor wrote on Twitter: “Until I saw this, I was a big fan of you.

“I’m writing all my songs. Your hot take is completely wrong and very damaging.”

Taylor Swift called Damon Albarn for comments on her songwriting

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Damon apologized for writing a comment on Twitter: “I fully agree with you. I talked about songwriting, and sadly it was reduced to Clickbait. I’m nothing. Conditionally and unconditionally apologize. The last thing I want to do is to hurt your credibility. Songwriting. Hope you understand. “

Alburn seems to have barely avoided a feud with pop star Taylor, but here understood! Look at some of the biggest celebrity feuds in recent years …

Damon apologizes for the comment
Damon apologizes for the comment

Taylor Swift vs Kanye West

In 2009, when Taylor won the Best Female Video Award, Kanye West I jumped on the stage and interrupted her acceptance speech.

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy with you. I’ll end you, but Beyonce had one of the best videos ever! It’s one of the best videos ever!”

He later apologized and Taylor wrote a heartfelt song Innocent about Kanye, but their relationship was confused again in 2016 when Kanye’s truck made a rough statement about making Taylor famous. I fell into.

Kanye and Taylor have been disagreeing over the years
Kanye and Taylor have been disagreeing over the years

Taylor blamed the song and led to Kanye’s then-wife. Kim Kardashian It leaked a recording that seemed to indicate that Taylor was moving the lyrics forward, leading to a backlash.

Later, Taylor denied grasping the big picture of the lyrics, and another leak across the phone seemed to support her version of the story.

To date, it does not appear to be paired.

Kim doesn't call SJP a friend
Kim doesn’t call SJP a friend

Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

Despite appearing together in one of the biggest shows of the 90’s Sex and the City It was swirling for years after I couldn’t ride it in real life Kim Cattrall I chose not to appear in the third movie.

It’s also missing from a recent reboot, And like that, Kim once said Sarah Jessica Parker In an interview in 2018, “I think she was better. I don’t know what her problem is. I don’t.”

SJP denied rumors of a crack with Kim Cattrall
SJP denied rumors of a crack with Kim Cattrall

Kim seems to have confirmed the feud when tweeting, after SJP kept in touch after Kim’s brother died in 2018. .. ”

However, SJP denied the idea of ​​the crack later that year when he told the interviewer, “I always appreciate Kim’s work and always appreciate her contribution.”

Madonna and Elton John don't ride famous
Madonna and Elton John don’t ride famous

Elton John vs Madonna

Both may be musical legends, but there is no love lost in the meantime Elton john When Madonna.. Beef seems to have started in 2002 when Elton criticized Madonna’s “Die Another Day” bond theme tune as “the worst bond tune in history.”

Elton made a rude comment about Madonna's music
Elton made a rude comment about Madonna’s music

In 2012, when they were both nominated for the same Golden Globe Award for their best original song, Elton claimed that his fellow musicians would never beat him.

Madonna did just that and chose to fight back using a behind-the-scenes interview. “I don’t know because he’s known to get angry with me. He’s great. He’s worshiping him, so he wins another award. Not feeling sick. There is none.”

Thira and Naomi have eaten beef in the past
Thira and Naomi have eaten beef in the past

Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell

They are both supermodels who killed it on the catwalk, Tyra Banks Once made a shocking claim Naomi Campbell Act behind the scenes when she was a beginner.

She once insisted that: And she was doing everything with her power to get me away. “

Tyra accused Naomi of being mean
Tyra accused Naomi of being mean

The duo seems to be putting off the past, and Naomi appeared on Tyra’s talk show in 2005, but shared an article that Naomi seems to portray Tyra as the duo’s “nasty girl” 2020. The plot got thicker in the year. Do you still have a hard time?

Little Mix and Jezie aren't talking
Little Mix and Jezie aren’t talking

Little Mix vs Jezie Nelson

Things got a little tricky after Jesy Nelson decided to leave her Mix a little Bandmate in the back.

Following her exit, Jezie Accused of “black phishing” in her video Featured for the first solo single, Boyz Nicki Minaj.

In the screenshot released on social media, DM Leigh-Anne Pinnock He seems to have accused Jezie of “black fishing”.

Jezie left the group in 2020
Jezie left the group in 2020

Nicki then criticized Lee Ann while Nicki Minaj and Jesy Nelson appeared in the live stream and Jesy was laughing in the background.

Later, Jezie Graham Norton: “We’re not talking anymore. I’m sad, but honestly, there’s no bad blood from my side. I still love them apart and sincerely hope they’re all the best. increase.

“I loved the time with them. We have the most wonderful memories together, but who knows because it’s just one of the things that takes time?”

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Taylor Swift's biggest celebrity feud blaming Damon Albarn in comments

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